Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th July 2020 Written Episode Updates Today Watch Online Episode

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th July 2020 Written Episode Updates Today Watch Online Episode: The episode begins with Prerna seeking an apology from Shivani for leaving them 8 years back. She recalls that the day changed her life as Anurag pushed her from the bridge into the river and later put his 3 days old daughter into an orphanage that caught fire and she died.

She wanted to take her life, however, Mr. Bajaj came into the picture and saved her by taking her abroad. It all happened so fast that she couldn’t think of anything else. Mr. Bajaj made her the Prerna that she is today so that she couldn’t be weak and get attacked by Anurag and Komolika once again. However, she seeks an apology from her for not thinking about them.

She adds that she thought that Mr. Bajaj might be taking care of them and she was unaware of Shekhar’s job loss after an accident, and their mother’s heart attack. Shivani asks her not to apologize and rather herself apologizes to Prerna for shouting at her and tells her that she is proud of her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th July 2020 Written Episode

Shivani reveals that she loves Ronit a lot and wants to marry him while Prerna tells her that she must have told her this earlier and asks for some time to accept their relationship to which Shivani asks her to do it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Komolika is discussing the matter with Ronit and tells him that Shivani will be the reason behind Prerna’s sorrow and she is very happy. She sees Mohini and Nivedita approaching them.

Meanwhile, Kaushik finds Shivani and Ronit’s love story interesting and makes Prerna the villain of the story. Moloy shuts him up and asks to choose between Komolika and Anurag to which Kaushik chooses Anurag. Moloy tells him that Prerna is a nice girl and Anurag also thinks that Ronit can’t love Shivani. Moloy asks Kaushik to help him to find the truth.

On the other hand, Veena and Kajal enter when Prerna hugs Shivani. Prerna tells the family that she was unaware of Ronit and Shivani’s relationship and thought that he has kidnapped her. Veena apologizes for not telling her about them.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Today Written Episode

Mohini gives her support to Komolika if everything happening is to take revenge from Prerna and her family. Nivedita also joins them as she wants to seek revenge from her for snatching her CEO’s post. Komolika says she is happy as they are all together and gives Nivedita her CEO position back while asking Ronit to focus on his marriage life from now onwards.

While Ronit was going to leave, Komolika asks him to stay and asks Mohini to get the guestroom ready for him. Komolika says that Ronit did a commendable job by winning the trust of Shivani as per her saying.

On the other hand, the Sharma family praises Ronit and says that they were aware of Sivani and Ronit’s relationship. Prerna apologizes.  Meanwhile, Moloy and Kaushik team up to interrogate Ronit as Kaushik will ask questions while Moloy will judge his answers. Moloy also thinks to find out if Komolika is up to something or not.

Prerna reaches to Mr. Bajaj who tells her that a reporter called him to enquire about Shivani and Ronit’s marriage. Prerna tells him that Shivani wants to marry Ronit. Mr. Bajaj asks her to stop Shivani as this could be Komolika’s plan. Prerna tells him that she was not with her family when they needed her and now she is helpless as Ronit and Komolika have trapped them. Mr. Bajaj then asks her to trust him that he will find out the truth and don’t let her be weak. Prerna thanks him for supporting her.

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