Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th July 2020 Written Updates Today: Prerna Accepts Ronit and Shivani’s Relation

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th July 2020 Written Updates Today: The episode begins with Anurag’s manager asking to give him a new phone until his phone gets repaired, while Anurag denies which leaves the manager amused. Anurag recalls Prerna after seeing her pic while Prerna also does the same. Anurag expresses his willingness to face her hatred while getting sad.

The next morning, Kaushik comes to wake Moloy and tells him to get up soon as Ronit is having breakfast alone and they need to get him to find the truth. He informs that Mohini and Nivedita are in the garden while Komolika is nowhere to be found. Moloy thinks that Komolika should stay away from Prerna and her family.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th July 2020 Written Updates

On the other hand, Prerna stops her car while Sneha knocks the door. Prerna gets surprised and asks her why she is there while appreciating her unique hanky and its colour which is as pretty as her. Sneha informs her that she got it from Durga Pandal and I will get my mum. Sneha asks if she has a wish then she can take the hanky and return it once it will be fulfilled. Prerna sadly tell her that she can’t get her daughter.

Sneha leaves while saying that she is running late for her school. Veena calls Prerna and asks her to be back home. Prerna Nods. Meanwhile, Moloy and Kaushik join Ronit at the breakfast table. Moloy asks for Komolika’s whereabouts to which Ronit denies by saying she has asked him not to tell anyone. Moloy tells Ronit that Kaushik has become his fan. Kaushik tells him that he saw Shivani’s pic but feels that he can get a more beautiful girl, then why are you after her.

Ronit gets to know their intentions while Kaushik tries to ask him if he really loves her or doing marriage just like that. Ronit tells them that Shivani is perfect for him and asks them not to say anything in front of Komolika else she will cancel his wedding and leaves while saying he is getting late for office. After Ronit left, Moloy tells Kaushik that Ronit is very clever and will not reveal anything.

On the other hand, Prerna reaches home and gets surprised to see Komolika waiting for her. Komolika says that due to less time, they will do the engagement ceremony tomorrow to which Prerna agrees. Komolika gives a necklace to Shivani and tells her that they will meet at the engagement and has forgotten everything that happened in the past.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Updates Today

Prerna thinks that if Ronit is going to hurt Shivani as Komolika did to her, then she won’t leave Komolika. Komolika, on the other hand, thinks that she will never know her plan and won’t be able to do anything. Prerna thinks she understands Komolika’s evil intentions while Shivani can’t.

At Basu’s house, Kaushik is running from his Mom and asks Moloy to save him. Rakhi asks Moloy that he has allowed Kaushik to go out and party. Komolika enters while telling everyone to cancel their plans. Moloy asks Komolika’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mohini enters asking why she was called and tells that Nivedita will be joining soon.

Komolika tells everyone to help her in celebrating Ronit and Shivani’s engagement. Moloy gets hocked and asks why so hurry. Komolika tells everyone that Shivani’s family including Prerna has agreed for the relation. Everyone gets happy and congratulates Ronit. Mohini sees Moloy not being happy and wonders why while he congratulates Ronit.

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