Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 15, 2020 Written Updates: Mr. Bajaj Suspects Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

The episode starts with Anushka and Kukki watching a handsome guy flirting with a girl who already has a boyfriend. The boy is Kaushik who asks the girl to answer her BF’s call while the girl leaves after giving him her number. While Anushka is in aww for the boy and says that he is hot, Kukki scolds her for liking such a flirt and playboy kind of guy. Hearing this, Kaushik gets furious and goes after her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

In the other scene, the Nurse gives medicine to Anurag while Mohini takes care of him and Nivedita went to finish the formalities of the hospital. On the other hand, Komolika says that Prerna has hurt her and she will in turn hurt Mr. Bajaj so that Prerna will regret saying that she loves Anurag. Komolika calls Mr. Bajaj and on answering talks about London’s climate to which Bajaj says that she should come to the point that why she has called him.

She tells him that Prerna has signed as Anurag’s wife in the hospital form and claims that to love Anurag so if she has come to India to take revenge from Anurag, then it seems that the intentions are changing. She added that their love is deeper than the hatred and as he is far away, he will be far forever. Smilingly Rishabh asks her to watch her tone and he knows everything that she called him due to frustration and she should stay away from him, Prerna, and his family. She tells him to focus on his wife to which he disconnects and starts thinking.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 July Written Episodes

He thinks that he trusts Prerna, however, her weakness is known to him and that troubles him. He calls Mehra and asks to book his tickets to Kolkata. Nivedita tells Komolika that Anurag is out of danger. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna and says that she is a strong woman and reminded her what Anurag has done to her. Surprisingly, Prerna asks what happened to which Bajaj tells her about his conversation with Komolika.

Prerna tells him that she saved him because she wants to snatch everything from Anurag and brings him down on his knees to which Bajaj asked for an apology. Prerna tells him that she claimed to love Anurag to Komolika to trouble her. Bajaj tells her that she has become unpredictable to which she says she needs to be so that no one knows her next move.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 July Live Updates

She thanked him to help her stay focused, to which Bajaj says that he will always be with him. Prerna tells Bajaj that Anurag is making Basu city on the residential land and we will make commercial plots and thus ruin his plan by announcing the Bajaj city plan. He congratulates her and tells her that he will join her.

In another scene, Kaushik tells Monu that Kuki was calling me a flirt in front of Anushka and asks why Kukki is after her. Though he likes girls she is like a headache for him as she considered him a normal guy while he is a rockstar and he will take revenge from her. Their friend comes there and whines about his fight with his girlfriend. He advises them to never praise their girlfriend’s best friend as girls would never tolerate it. He says girls are so possessive and Kaushik gets an idea out of it against Kukki.

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Prerna comer her home along with Kukki. Everyone smiles as Kukki greets everyone while Veena introduces everyone to which Kukki says that she is happy as her family got completed today. Veena invites everyone to have dinner. Prerna praises the food while asking Kajol to sit and dine with them. Shivani excused herself from there saying that it a friend’s call and will talk to them later. Prerna gets suspicious that something has changes else Shivani would never hide something from her.

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