KCC vs PF Live Score Watch Online Updates, ECS T10 Toady’s Match Line Up 2020

The European Cricket Series T10 will be held on the 18th of June 2020 at 9:30 pm IST in Marsta Cricket Club, Stockholm, Sweden. Looking at the recent form and the matches played so far the Pakistanska Foreningen is considered to be a strong team.


The team has played 5 matches so far and has won 3 while the 2 matches got abandoned. The team holds a strong point on the table is definitely the one to watch out for.  With this, the KCC team is also one of the strongest teams in the league.

KCC vs PF Line Up

PF Plying 11

Choudry Ali (WK), Tajammal Hussain, Imam Din, Tasaduq Hussain, Waqar Hassan, Khalil Jalali, Vance Waqqas, Sameer Ali Khan, Muhammad Bilal, Umar Khan, Azeem Amin.

The star players in the PF include Tajammal Hussain, Imam Din, Choudry Ali (WK).  The Pf team has played 5 matches out of which they won 3 matches and the 2 matches were abandoned. Now this team is in for a head strong match with the Kista Cricket Club which is a equally strong team with strong players.

KCC Playing 11

Kashan Khan (WK), Muhammad Farhan Anwar, Shahid Nawaz, Aleem Muhammad Siddiqi, Chandan Khatri, Sudharma Srinivasan Damarla, Muhammad Asif, Nasir Khan, Naeem Ullah Khan, Rizwan Baig, Arif Zaidi.

The KCC team stands Second in the table and the team has played 4 matches and has won 3 while one match remains under review.  And now the team is going to play its 5th match against the strongest team PF. The key players for the KCC team are Kashan Khan (WK), Shahid Nawaz and Chandan Khatri.

KCC vs PF Live Score

Both the teams are unbeatable which is going to give this game and amazing twist and it will be a game changer for both the teams facing each other. The final result will be so nerve wracking even for the audience because they will be tied to their seats the entire time. The thrilling game will be one to look out for considering the game play of both the teams is impeccable.

The match is going to have a decent amount of pressure on the audience as well as the players and it is going to be a match that will make you grip you teeth in excitement and thrill. With strong players it is going to be difficult to choose which team to support!

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