Kim Kardashian Meeting with Divorce Lawyers? Kanye West’s Controversial Twitter Updates

Kim Kardashian Meeting with Divorce Lawyers?

Kim Kardashian Meeting with Divorce Lawyers: According to the US Weekly, Kim Kardashian is looking for options for a possible divorce with husband Kanye West after he made some shocking statements in connection with his family on Twitter as well as during the presidential campaign rally in South Carolina on Sunday.

In recent times, the West has made wild accusations about Kim and Kris Jenner in a series of random tweets. Apart from this, he also made controversial remarks about his wife’s first pregnancy publically during his South Carolina rally which led the reality TV star to look for her options to get out of the marriage.

According to sources, Kim has always stood by West during controversial moments to make up their relationship and also opted out the option of divorce earlier because of their 4 children. However, this time West has left her with no other option after crossing the line.

Kim Kardashian Meeting with Divorce Lawyers?

During his first-ever presidential rally West said that they have considered aborting their first child, adding that Kim had pills in her hands and he has almost killed his daughter.

The following day, he posted several tweets about Kim and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner. He tweeted that Kris and her boyfriend Corey Gamble haven’t been permitted around his children.

He further accused Kim and Kris of involuntarily admitting him to a mental health facility, through another tweet. He wrote, “Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday. If I get locked up like Mandela Y’all will know why.”

The 43-year old rapper also tweeted that he has been trying to get a divorce from Kim ever since she met fellow rapper Meek Mill at the Warldolf for Criminal Justice Reform Summit two years ago. He said Meek is his man while his dog Kim was out of line.

The rapper also shared a screenshot of 2 messages that he has sent to Kris in which he is asking Kris if she will talk to him or still avoid his calls.  While in other messages he was warning Kris to talk or else there will be a war. The screenshot was shared with a caption ‘White supremacy at its highest no cap.’ He also tweeted that the mother-daughter duo has put out a statement without his consent, which is not a virtue of a wife White supremacy says the future president.

All these tweets and putting the family matters in public have made Kim furious and she says that she is going through the worst nightmare of her life, according to a source. She is helpless as of now and is afraid of how this will have an impact on the children especially North. West has made public statements without giving her a chance to explain is a complete betrayal to her.

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