Kimi Wa Kanata Release Date, Preview, Trailer, & Where to Watch Online?

Kimi wa Kanata

Kimi Wa Kanata Release Date: Ready to get your hearts broken again? Well, the TOHO production house is ready to make you cry with their upcoming movie Kimi Wa Kanata (You Are Beyond). A 30-second trailer was released on the official website of the upcoming movie to reveal the release date of the movie.

Kimi Wa Kanata

As of now, the trailer showed that the movie will only release in Japan, but we know that recently many new animated movies were released in India also, so it’s not bad to hope that the movie will release in India too, But looking at the current world situation we can’t say that the movie will release in theaters or now, it might get a release in any of the major streaming services available in India.

Kimi Wa Kanata Plot

The story revolves around two childhood friends Mio and Shin. Mio has feelings for Shin but has never been able to tell him how she feels. One day, they both get into an argument and stop talking. After some time, Mio decides to make up with Shin. When she is heading towards Shin in heavy rain, she gets into an accident and when she regains her consciousness she finds herself in a new world completely. So, it is basically an Isekai.
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Kimi Wa Kanata Cast

Staff: As of now, only  Yoshinobu Sena(Vampire Holmes) has been revealed as the Director, Screenplay and Original Creator of the upcoming movie. This is Sena’s directorial debut with a theatrical anime film. The movie is being produced by Digital Network Animation. CUCURI is the project developer of the movie and Rabbit House and Elephant House will distribute the movie. There will be an original novel of the movie which will be published by Kadokawa.

Cast: The only two cast members that have been revealed are Toshiki Seto(Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Kamen Rider Brave) as male protagonist Shin Arata and Honoka Matsumoto(Ride Your Wave’s Yōko Hinageshi) as the female lead Mio. Again, we will update it here as soon as we get some new information about the cast and characters.

Kimi wa Kanata Release Date

The movie is set to hit theaters in Japan on 27 November 2020. The movie is getting a bit late release due to the pandemic we are in. If situations are not controlled the release of the movie might get delayed too or it can release on any legal streaming website. The worldwide release of the movie is not yet disclosed but it might get revealed in the upcoming days and as soon as the information is out we will update you.

Kimi wa Kanata Preview/Trailer

A 30-second trailer was released on the official website of the anime this Wednesday and AnimeTV’s official youtube page released the trailer yesterday. The animation of the movie is giving mixed vibes of Kimi No Na Wa and Weathering With You and we hope that the movie will be that good too. The synopsis of the movie also looked interesting. The main thing was that as soon as the trailer was released people started comparing it with Kimi No Na Wa and I think that might take something away from the movie.

Just hoping we will get the announcement of the movie getting released in India soon or we will have the petition ready for it in any case.

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