COVID-19: KPOP is conducting 1 Musical Online Auditions? Check Details & Updates

KPOP is conducting 1 Musical Online Auditions: While most American halls and theatres are shut, 1 Musical is not ready to let of this situation and stop them from preparing for their show. KPOP, a musical exploration of the Korean pop, is conducting video-based online casting auditions hoping that whenever everything begins smoothly, they will be all prepared.

KPOP is conducting 1 Musical Online Auditions

The shows play right Jason Kim said, “We want to polish the jets so that it’s ready to take off, We hope as soon as possible to get into a room with all these people and see them in person.” The producers are in a hunt for people who relate to KPOP and are enthusiastic. At the same time, they are also looking for people with specific skills set as well. They are looking for Korean, Korean American, and Asian American men and women in their 20s. And they must be excellent singers with a strong, pop belt and they should know dance at an advanced level.
Claire Burke, a casting director at Tara Rubin Casting, said that they’re looking for performers who have all the energy and charisma of pop stars and severe acting chops. Along with this, she added “It’s about the shine and the performance and the dancing and the singing which should be huge. But people also need to be able to tap into the emotion of it.”

How to audition for KPOP?

All you have to do is send a video of yourself singing pop or a K-pop sing and showcasing your dance abilities. Overall, they have started receiving videos from places like the United States, South Korea, Britain, Canada, Japan, and Kazakhstan, as well as other countries.we have a video for all the interested people who want to audition, watch here:


Kim has helped the casting professionals sit through hundreds of the videos they have received and maintain them segregate the best. Candidates who get selected are sent a video from showing that they have to tape and submit again. A zoom audition with the creative team is next step, and then finally, the selected candidates will get the message of selection and see you at the rehearsals whenever that happens.
The team has been adjusting from the casting process from rooms to online which is done, but doing it on such a large scale is a first time, said Burke. Burke also said that the team is also adjusting to the videos with poor microphone quality and the kind of videos they are receiving. Still, they understand in what situations people are sending in their tapes.
We’ll have to wait and see what happens next as for now, and this is all the information we have on the online audition for the KPOP show. But if we have any new updates, we will keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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