Entertainment - TV Serial - Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020 Today’s Written Episode Update: Karan’s Wedding

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020 Today’s Written Episode Update: Karan’s Wedding

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020 Today’s Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Preeta looking for her mother Sarla and starts crying when failed to find her as her mother’s phone was also out of reach and later gets switched off. Shrishti and Janki get shocked to see her and all get worried about their mother’s well-being.

Sherlin pops in when Maira is trying her dress, exclaiming that she is feeling like something wrong is going to happen. She tells Maira that she has looked for Karan in the whole house, however, he is nowhere to be found. She further reveals that it seems to her that probably Preeta has called him.

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020

Maira enquires if Prithvi has done something, to which Sherlin says that he is not behind it. Maira then assures Sherlin that there is nothing to worry and whenever Karan will be back, he will get married to her only.

Sherlin gets surprised to see Maira so calm to which the latter informs her that he has promised her to marry her only. However, Sherlin asks her to be more careful when it comes to Preeta as her overconfidence might end up her dream.

Meanwhile, Karan is chasing a thief who took Sarla’s purse and enters inside a café and starts fighting with him. Pointing a knife at him, he asks him to return the purse. Sarla comes in and takes the purse to which the thief runs and Karan follow him.

They once again indulged in a fight and the thief holds Karan at the knife on his neck. Sarla asks the thief to let go of Karan and she will give her purse to him. Karan hits him while the police come in and arrest the thief. Karan gets surrounded by the fans who are taking selfies with him while Sarla thanks him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Rishabh is wondering where Karan might go, however, he gets a call from office and leaves.

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020 Written Updates

On the other hand, Sarla is being called by the family members, and everyone is worried about thinking about what might have happened to her. Sarla enters and Shrishti enquires her why she wasn’t answering her phone calls. Sarla tells them she feels the same when they don’t answer her phone. Srishti asks her if Sarla did that intentionally to which Sarla tells her that it’s not like that. Meanwhile, Beeji sees Sarla’s torn clutch and bruises on her wrist and asks why she was late. Sarla recalls the incidence of her purse being theft and how Karan helped her, however, she decides not to tell anyone regarding this.

Sarla then tells them a thief has stolen her purse but she didn’t let him go. She then enquired why Karan came there as she saw his car in the society. Shrishti tells her that he came to give his marriage invitation to Preeta to which Sahrla shockingly sees Preeta hearing that.

On the other hand, Kareena enquires Rishabh as to where he is heading to. Rishabh tells her that he is leaving for his office as his staff is waiting for him. Dadi stops him by saying that it’s his younger brother Karan’s wedding and there is a lot of preparations that need to be done. Everyone inquired about Karan including Mahira. Sherlin warns Maira to be careful with Krithika as she is a close friend of Preeta

Ramona asks if Karan has gone for cricket practice to which everyone gives her amused look and she clarifies that she was kidding. Meanwhile, Karan enters and Kareena asks him where he has been without any information. Karan tells them that he visited Preeta to invite for his marriage which left everyone amazed.

Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2020 Today Episode

On the other hand, Sarla is furious and scolds everyone for letting Karan in. She also curses Karan for inviting Preeta for his marriage when he along with his family threw Preeta out of their house. Janki says that he has gone too low to invite his wife to his second marriage.

Sarla then asks Preeta if she is willing to attend his marriage to which Preeta denied. Preeta asks her mother to calm down and go to get water for her. While Preeta was pouring water, Sarla goes to her room.

In Luthra’s house, everyone is in shock to know that Karan has invited Preeta for his wedding. Kareena asks Karan if he is fine or not as he has invited Preeta despite knowing that she always caused troubles in any function.

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