Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2020 Written Episode Updates Today Watch Online Episode

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2020 Written Episode Updates Today Watch Online Episode: The episode begins with Kareena saying that Karan has given Preeta a chance to created trouble in his marriage by inviting her. Ramona agrees and says that Preeta won’t let Karan to get married to Mahira. Karan asks Mahira if she have a problem, however, before she could say anything, Karan says that he can’t do anything even if she has a problem.

Karan says that he won’t forget her as he hates her very much and has deliberately invited her to his marriage. He added that he wants to show her that his family comes first for him and he won’t forgive those who hurt them. He says that she will know that it’s her misunderstanding that there is no other girl in Karan’s life.

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2020 Written Episode

Dadi tells him that it seems that what Preeta does and thinks, matters more to Karan than what he himself thinks. She adds that he is showing that he hates her, while the truth is she matters to hima ns that’s why he is always talking and thinking about her. Karan clarifies her that there is nothing such.

Dadi adds that he is saying that he invited Preeta because of his anger while what he did, shows that he loves her. He invited her without asking anyoneif they are comfortable around Preeta or not. Karan tells her that she has taught him that one should keep their enemy with them and that is why he has invited her and this is the final decision.

Rishabh leaves without saying anything while Karan says that we have already faced lots of issues because of her and by attending his marriage, Preeta will surely get humiliated.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Today

On the other hand, Preeta is crying and recalling when Karan handed her his marriage invitation. She thinks that she should be happy that he is getting married and will leave her finally. Shristi looks at her and thinks of not asking her anything and instead making a plan.

She says it’s good Karan is getting married and will hold no relation with them to which Preeta agrees. She adds Preeta helped them as their daughter-in-law but now there won’t be any relation and they will get their deserved daughter-in-law like Mahira and Sherlyn. She adds that Mahesh is in coma, but they don’t need to worry anymore.

Shrishti says that Rakhi who earlier calimed to love Preeta will not help her while Preeta warns her not to say anything against Rakhi. She then drags Rishabh who pretends to be mature however, won’t say anything because of his wife’s fear.

Shristi adds that Preeta cared for them all and consider them her family so she shouldn’t pretend like she doesn’t care. Preeta denies but Shristi tells her if it is so then she should go to the marriage and stop Mahira and Sherlyn.  Preeta says that if she doesn’t matter to Karan then he also doesn’t matter to her.  She will attend the marriage and leave.  Shrishti gets relived but thinks if something wrong happens again.

Shrishti then calls Sameer informing that Preeta is coming to attend the wedding. Sameer recalls about Karan’s plan to insult Preeta and asks Shrishti to stop Preeta from coming to the marriage. He says Karan is marrying Mahira to take revenge from Preeta while Shrishti tells him that Preet ais coming to tell him that he doesn’t matter to her anymore.

Sameer tries to make her understand but Shrishti says that it might be possible that Karan and Preeta might realize their importance in each other’s life and hence asks Sameer to help her to stop the wedding. Sameer agrees.

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