Landers Center Parking Guide, Mississippi

Landers Center Parking Guide, Mississippi

Southaven, Mississippi’s Landers Center is an 8,400-seat multi-purpose arena. It is the headquarters of the Memphis Hustle, a minor league basketball club connected with the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA G League.

The conference centre has 17,000 square feet, and the performing arts centre has 400 seats. It is utilized for concerts, boxing matches, ice shows, and circuses.

A concert at Landers Center
A concert at Landers Center

The Mid-South Fair has been hosted at the Landers Center since 2009. Previously, the fair was held at the Fairgrounds in midtown Memphis.

The facility was developed in the year 2000. Landers Auto Group of Memphis obtained the naming rights on January 4, 2012. The Landers Center was given its current name.

Landers Center review
Landers Center review

The Landers Center has received several great reviews from visitors. One elated visitor wrote, “Great place to see a concert. My wife and I have seen several concerts here and have really enjoyed them all. On May 7 it was Whiskey Myers, they are awesome life BTW.”

Location of Landers Center

Landers Center
Landers Center

The full address of Landers Center is 4560 Venture Drive, Southaven, Mississippi 38671, as mentioned on the official website. It should be emphasized, however, that there is a well-developed neighborhood surrounding the center. There are several hotels and other attractions nearby.

Landers Center Mississippi Parking Options

Parking is free if you park in the lot next to the Landers Center. If you arrive late for the event, we will explore alternate parking possibilities nearby. In cases like this, where you can’t park in specified spaces, distance is a factor.

Because you will have to walk from the Freedom House NC to your parking site, parking charges may be an issue. This is why parking on the street is sometimes the most convenient alternative.

Here are some possibilities if you don’t make it in time and find yourself gazing at a jumbled-up slurry of cars in the parking lot.

  • Near the Landers Center, there are a number of parking choices, however, most of them are street parking.
Landers Center Parking Lot
Landers Center Parking Lot
  • This snapshot shows the Landers Center’s authorized parking spot.
  • If you can’t locate a spot in the official lot, let’s look at your other options.

Because the Landers Center is not far away, parking on the side of the road looks to be the best option. The highways are also rather long and empty, so finding a parking spot will not be a problem. Landers Center’s parking lot has almost 3,000 spots, with parking for guests with disabilities available at all four gates. There is a separate VIP parking lot with 60 guarded parking spaces.

The arena has one loading dock, while food and beverage businesses have the other. The loading dock for the arena features five disconnect boxes, each with up to 60 amps and the ability to handle single and three-phase power.

There appears to be a little parking lot at the extreme border of the parking space, which might be used as an alternative parking spot.

Parking on the street is also an option. You can park at the parking lot’s entrance.

Other Parking Options near Landers Center

Secondary parking spot for Landers Center
Secondary parking spot for Landers Center

Near the Landers Center, there is a little parking spot accessible, as shown in this photo. If you are running late for the event and cannot locate a parking spot, this may be an alternative.

Landers Center Parking Tips

You will have no issue finding a parking spot at the Landers Center because the lot is rather large.

To avoid traffic, you could also reserve your parking spot ahead of time. The following are the contacts for booking parking:

If you have no choice but to travel during peak hours, another piece of advice is to park at one of the alternate locations listed above. The on-site parking will almost certainly be filled, leaving you with little alternative but to find another parking spot. Even if on-site parking is available, I would recommend parking somewhere for a large event.

This is due to the fact that the parking lot will most certainly get overcrowded, and multiple cars may be scratched, nicked, or bumped in the subsequent conflict. So, rather than taking a chance, park someplace else.

Public Transit To Landers Center, Mississippi

Some of the options available are available as depicted in the picture:

Bus stations near Landers in Pasig City
Bus stations near Landers in Pasig City

Directions to Landers Center

Because everyone’s instructions are different, it’s difficult to transmit directions to any destination online. The official website also provides directions from nearby highways such as Highway 51, Highway 72, and Highway 61


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