Lara Logan Career – Education and how to contact Lara Logan

Lara Logan Career

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Lara Logan Career – Education and how to contact Lara Logan

Lara Logan Career

Lara Logan is a popular name as a news reporter. She has worked with CBS news and is mainly known as a war correspondent.

Lara Logan Career

Lara Logan started her career as a reporter in her college days. Though her academic background was related to Commerce, she picked her career in journalism due to her keen interest.

Lara used to work as a reporter for Sunday Tribune and the Local Daily News in Durban. In 1992, she joined Reuters as a senior producer in South Africa.

After four years, she started her freelancing career as an editor and producer with several news companies around Europe and America. ABC NewsCBS NewsITN, and Fox/Sky were some of them.

In 2002, Lara Logan career took a big turn as she started as a full-time war correspondent for CBS News. Working with the US armed force on the battlefield was normal for her. Eventually, she was one of the reporters in the Afghanistan-Iraq War.

Lara Logan as War Correspondent

Not only as war correspondence, but she also did interviews with several famous people. Robert Ballard was one of them. In her career, she has faced turmoils and assaults from countries like Iraq but was brave enough to fight back.

In 2013, for some anomalies in her reporting, she left CBS News and joined the Sinclaire Broadcast Group. In 2020, Lara Logan career again took a big turn as she started working for Fox News and signed a show named Lara Logan has No Agenda.

Lara Logan Education

Lara Logan was born in South Africa and completed her early education there. From the University of Natal, she got her graduation degree in Commerce in 1992. After that, she also earned degrees in the French language and cultural history from Alliance Francaise in Paris.

Contact Lara Logan

We have already shared a detailed guide on how to contact Lara Logan. However, we have shared some other ways to connect with her below –

Lara Logan LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been an excellent platform for all professionals as it allows you to connect with them easily. When looking for Lara Logan’s LinkedIn profile, we did not find anything.

However, we have discussed other ways to contact Lara Logan below.

Lara Logan Contact

We searched different sources for Lara Logan’s contacts and found nothing. Though we found a number (212) 975-3247 on the Internet, there is confusion regarding this number.

There is no confirmation that the previously mentioned number is the original one.

Lara Logan Mails

Though no email ids are available, you can send your notes to her. For the fans, she has made this offline mailing facility to stay connected with her fans.

The address is mentioned below – 

Lara Logan

60 Minutes

524 West 57th St.

New York, NY 10019


Lara Logan Facebook 

Lara Logan Facebook

Lara Logan actively uses her Facebook page and shares her opinions through videos and photos. Right now, she has 187k followers on this Facebook page.

You can find Lara Logan’s official Facebook page by searching the username “laralogan” on Facebook.

Lara Logan Twitter

Lara Logan career is booming, and we see it with her massive fanbase on Twitter. Laga Logan’s Twitter account has a follower base of over 272K, which is huge.

You can find her on Twitter using @Laralogan. On Twitter, she frequently shares her views on national issues and other stuff related to the news.

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