Liam Neeson Wife – Is Liam Married?

Liam Neeson Wife - Is Liam Married?

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Who is Liam Neeson Wife, Natasha Richardson?

Who is Liam Neeson Wife, Natasha Richardson

Liam Neeson is married to Natasha Richardson.

Their love story started when they played the role of a couple in Anna Christie on Broadway in 1993. Neeson was known as a bit of a lady, and therefore, Natasha once said she is happy as women fall in love with him. They both agreed on having more passionate chemistry than any of their co-stars.

On her 30th birthday, Liam Neeson sent her a card quoting, “You’re catching up with me. Lots of love, Oskar.”

She found it unromantic and decided to lead. She asked him, “This is like a letter from a buddy. What is our relationship?”

This moment was the turning point of their relationship. He realized that he genuinely loved her a lot, and they both decided to be together forever in 1994, and they tied the knot.

Natasha Richardson Biography and Career

Natasha Jane Richardson was born on 11 May 1963 in London. Her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, was an actress, and her father, Tony Richardson, was a director/producer. She also decided to make a career in the film industry as an English actress.

She made her debut in the film named The Charge of the Light Brigade, directed by her father Tony Richardson. She completed her education at Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington and St. Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith, London. Later, she went to the Central School of Speech and Drama for training.

She did regional theatre at Leeds Playhouse at the beginning of her career. She became a part of Regent’s Park, an Open Air Theatre in London, in 1984. Further, she has done A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Ralpha Fiennes and Richard Grant. In 1985, she did her first professional work at the West End of London in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull.

She came back with the title role in Anna Christie in 1993. She was felicitated with Tony Award for the title Best Actress in Musical for her Sally Bowles role in Sam Mendes’s Cabaret.

She also got a nomination for Drama Desk Award for being an Outstanding Featured Actress in a play. Afterward, she played the role of Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams’s A streetcar Named Desire with Stanley Kowalski. In January 2009, she appeared in Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music with her mother.

Natasha Richardson Film Career

  • 1984 – She appeared first time in the film line as an art tutor. Which was from the biography of painter William Scott.
  • 1986 – She played the role of Mary Shelley in the film Gothic, based on Frankenstein’s fiction. She also acted in A Month in the Country with Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth during the same year, directed by Pat ‘O’Connor.
  • 1998 – She played the title role in Patty Hearst, directed by Paul Schrader.
  • 1991 – She appeared in The Handmaid’s Tale with Robert Duvall and Faye Dunaway. She worked in The Comfort of Strangers with Christopher Walken, Rupert Everett, and Helen Mirren. She won Standard British Film Award for Best Actress in 1991. She worked in The Favour, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish.
  • 1994 – She played the role of Mrs. Edwina Broome in Widows’ Peak.
  • 1998 – She appeared as Elizabeth “Liz” James in The Parent Trap.
  • 2001 – She did Blow Dry and played the role of Shelley Allen. She also appeared in Chelsea Walls as Marry.
  • 2005 – She played Countess Sofia Belinskya in The White Countess and Stella Raphael in Asylum.
  • 2007 – She did Evening and played the role of Constance Lord.
  • 2008 – Wild Child was released, where she appeared as Mrs. Kingsley.
  • 2010 – She appeared as Ruth Mallory in The Wildest Dream.

She is also actively involved in social activities. She helped to raise millions of dollars to fight against AIDS.

Liam Neeson Family and Kids

Liam Neeson Family and Kids

Neeson is the son of Kitty Neeson and Barney Neeson.

Liam met Natasha Richardson during Anna Christie in 1993. They married on 3 July 1994, and the duo has two sons. Micheál, his first son, was born in 1995, while Daniel was born in 1996.

Is Liam Neeson married to Laura Linney?

No. Liam Neeson isn’t married to Laura Linney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Liam Neeson and Freya St Johnston still together?

Neeson started dating British publicist Freya St Johnston in September 2010. However, they ended up in this relationship within two years.

Is Liam Neeson single now?

Yes, Liam Neeson is single now. He stated that he was taken by a mystery girl, which became a cause of rumors. Later, he clarified that it was just a joke.

How many relationships has Liam Neeson had?

Liam Neeson’s name was associated with Helen Mirren in the early ’80s and with Julia Roberts in 1988. He was also associated with Brooke Shields. He dated Barbra Streisand in 1991. He got married to Natasha Richardson in 1994.

Which movie Liam Neeson was doing when his wife died?

Liam was doing Gray after his wife died. This movie helped him a lot to keep himself busy and get out of the trauma.


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