Lil Cuete is Dead or Alive? & Lil Cuete Death Rumors are True? Check Updates

Lil Cuete

Lil Cuete is an American rapper raised in Norwalk and is an active member of the Los Angeles hip-hop scenario. Side records release all his music, and he has everything in him when it comes to music right from hip hop to love and mushy songs. But recently, the rapper became the vicc\tim of the death hoax, which is targeting celebrities and rappers and declaring that they are dead, it is all a prank! Lil Cuete is alive and well and posted on his social media as well. Let us see what he said, and how did the rumors start?

Lil Cuete death rumors clarification:

Well, it seems that Lil Cuete’s Instagram account was hacked, and somebody posted that “today we lost Lil Cuete” and made it seem like his family had made the post. A broken heart emoji followed this post, and everyone got heartbroken, and his fans were sad. They started posting on twitter as soon as this news broke out, but it was all false. However, this post is taken down from his Instagram account, but it remained attached to a fan who demanded clarification on the news and check the post below.

Fans reaction on the dead news about Lil Cuete?

Fans were shattered entirely when this post surfaced on his account itself. It felt genuine to the fans since the post seemed as if his family posted it after his death as it was addressed like that, and later, fans started to post on their social media profiles about this news. The fans then took over Twitter, and the word spread quickly and created a stir all over the internet, and the story snowballed to a different level. But it soon came to an end when people realized that it was all a fake news and that this was a hoax, but some of this is still there on Twitter.

Lil Cuete’s reaction on the death hoax?

Lil Cuete immediately posted his video on his Instagram profile, which made it clear that he was a hoax victim. He even thanked his manager for the entire work and time that they spent on this issue and to regain his Instagram account. He wrote on his Instagram account, “Fuck a hacker! I’m still here!! My enemies and my haters aren’t that lucky to get rid of me that easy; they still got a deal with me. I’m not going nowhere!! CUETE SAiD IT💥🚀.” His fans were happy seeing him back, and he also assured that he would get to the bottom of this issue. We at world wire bring the latest from the entertainment industry to you, so more updates stay tuned to world wire.

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