Lila Hart – Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Husband, and Movie

lila hart and Eric Abbenante

Lila Hart was born in Hawaii. By birth, she had a defect with congenital birth, Spina Bifida, when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly. Lila could walk after 12 surgeries and had endless gratitude for her family. 

Who is Lila Hart?

Lila is a 4’6 Filipina American Stand-up comedian who fights odds and stereotypes with her voice. 

Lila Hart
Lila Hart

Lila graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast production and also voyaged to 23 countries. For many years she worked in the field of Search engine optimization and also selling knives to doorsteps. Lila dreamed of becoming a comedian. In 2016, Lila commenced the journey of her goal as a comedian, and in less period of about 5years.

Lila made a well-known identity comedian. In Lila’s career, she performed all along the west coast to Tennessee. 

Lila with spina bifida says boys prefer to date her secretly because they are ashamed to be seen with a little person. A 27-year-old Lila Hart is 4ft 6inch tall due to a curved spine congenital disability, which doctors said she might not be able to walk. 

She was banned from joining a sorority because of her disability and was told by her sister.” we didn’t want to be known as the house of the cripple girl.”

Despite the intolerance, Lila has learned to love herself and happily wears bikinis which show off the surgery scars on her back. According to her, her life changed when she became more confident about her height and health problem. 

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Lila Hart Career

Lila is a comedian who not only performed in front of a thousand audiences, but also she has performed in front of strangers in unusual comedy venues such as strip clubs, AA meetings, and backyards. On social media, Lila’s presence is massive, with thousands of followers and millions of views across all social media platforms. In her first year of stand-up comedy, she was on Little women LA as a representative for disabled comedians. 

Ultimately, in 2019 Lila started her live talk show called Small Talk Live. It was the first disabled talk show host and one of the only female talk show hosts late at night. Lila has big goals in her life. 

Lila’s Age & Height

Lila is 27 years old as of now. She is 4ft 6inch tall due to a congenital curved spine disability which doctors told her she could not walk. Indeed Lila, with self-confidence, became a well-known Stand-up comedian. 

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Lila Hart Husband

lila hart and Eric Abbenante
Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante

Lila moved to Dallas, Texas, with her Fiance, Eric Abbenante, as she loves staying in America. In the professional world, Eric Abbenante and Lila work together. Comedy network channel 310, founded by comedians Eric and Lila, was founded by them. Eric directs and edits for Lila’s Hart. 

Lila Hart election fraud Movie

Lila is also an actress, and She acted in movies such as Simply us in (2019), Metal Heads (2016), and Nature’s Mistakes (2017).  But on 4th July 2022, Lila and her Husband release a Documentary on the 2020 election. Attempting to document the entire span of documented voter fraud in the United States, American History of Voter Fraud is the first documentary to do so.

In AHVF, election rigging is chronologically explored from the 1800s to 2022. By addressing voter fraud issues and finding solutions to this pivotal issue, this film aims to strengthen democracy in the same way Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle changed the meat packing industry.

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