Linda Goodridge From Tough as Nails, Wiki, Biography, & Net Worth

Linda Goodridge From Tough as Nails: Linda Goodridge is famously known as a contestant in a reality show ‘Tough As Nails.’ This reality show aims to celebrate real-life heroes such as farmers, firefighter, police officers, fishers, and many more professions. Linda Goodridge is one such contestant in the reality show ‘tough as nails’, where she regularly tested her physical and mental capabilities and aimed to win the prize.
Let us learn more about her lifestyle and everyday details:

Linda Goodridge’s Hometown and Family

Linda Goodridge resides from the city of Marion, in Wayne County, New York. Linda Goodridge lives in a live-in relationship with her long term boyfriend, Tom Spring. It was Tom’s patience and trust in her that led her to this platform and also her excellent skills and capabilities.  She shares a lot of pictures of them both on her Instagram account that she very recently opened.
Along with that, the first photo that she posted on Instagram was with her mother, and she keeps on posting pictures with her father that is hilariously funny for the audience. She has also posted many family get-together pictures on her Instagram, you should defiantly go check that out.

Linda Goodridge Profession:

For a very long time, Linda Goodridge has been working as a roofer, but before turning to roof construction, she has done something significant. She has worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Monroe County in the Finger Lakes region of New York. While she worked as a sheriff, she was a part of many welfare programs that helped her bring out the best in her abilities.
In one of the welfare programs, she has also helped inmates find a source of income once they re-enter the outside world. She says that she is very proud of her job as a sheriff, and it has helped her a lot in what she has become today. Since her current work as a roof constructer demands a lot of hard work and physical strength, Linda Goodridge wakes up early morning for a workout to keep herself fit and healthy. She loves working out, and she also posts about her workouts on her Instagram stories and posts.

Linda Goodridge, Age, Birthdate, and Journey

Linda Goodridge was born on January 21, 1991, and she is currently 29 years old. Linda Goodridge has faced a lot of hardships during her time working as a deputy sheriff.  While she was working in her county, she has suffered “Sexual Harassment” and also “male-domination” in her work. But she didn’t let it bother her and kept working better for herself.
Her perseverance and integrity make her a tough woman today, and her ongoing journey towards success is known to the world. This is everything that we know about Linda Goodridge, from the show ‘Tough as Nails’ that still airs on the channel CBS, and we wish her all the luck for winning the prize.
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