List of conspiracy theories by Ron Watkins.

About Ron Watkins

Born in 1987 to his father, Jim Watkins, a retired U.S. Army Veteran, Ron Watkins is an American Conspiracy theorist and an avid Trump supporter. He is one of the supporters of Trump’s claim of voter fraud. Watkins was also the administrator of the imageboard website, 8chan.

It is believed that Watkins was the “Q” in QAnon’s theory.

There are many conspiracy theories attached to Watkins. Recently he announced that he would run for Arizona Congressional seat, which faced a huge backlash. In a recently uploaded video on Telegram, a social media platform, Watkins said, “We must stay vigilant and keep up the pressure both here in Arizona and throughout the country to indict any criminals who have facilitated election fraud.” Firmly believing in the “Big Lie” of fraud votes, Watkins also said, “President Trump had his election stolen not just in Arizona, but in other states too. We must now take this fight to Washington, D.C., and vote out all the dirty Democrats who have stolen our republic.”

The online imageboard site 8chan which was renamed 8kun was not founded by Watkin originally. This site came under his name after his father, Jim Watkins, purchased it. 

Uscinski made prominent remarks about Watkins for this very move saying, “I don’t get the impression that Ron Watkins fits into any Republican or Democrat mold. I don’t think he cares about tax policy or anything like that,”

Conspiracy theories fueled by Ron Watkins

QAnon Theory

The most famous and notorious of all times, the QAnon conspiracy made several political upheavals. Times and how Watkins has denied being the ‘Q’ of QAnon theory. Watkins is the ‘de facto leader of QAnon theory, a conspiracy that alleges that a global child trafficking ring run by pedophiles is gathering up against the former U.S. president, Donald Trump. 

Watkins fueled this theory and is considered the technical brain behind the platform. 

During the 2021 elections, QAnon supporters vehemently denied Trump’s defeat and considered it a fraud, while Joe Biden won the election. They (QAnon Supporters) believed that Trump would still become the president and the military execute the opposition and the allies of the opposition. 

After this, Ron Watkins himself took back from the theory and stated through a telegram post, “We gave it our all. Now we need to keep our chins up and go back to our lives as best we are able.”

Whereas all this happened, people never got to know the person behind ‘Q’ despite all the speculation. The founder of 8chan, an imageboard site that was the host to all these theories and a lot more massive crimes such as public shootings, Fredrick Brennan, stated, “I 100 percent believe that Q either knows Jim or Ron Watkins or was hired by Jim or Ron Watkins.”

Both Watkins in an interview said, “It was three years of intelligence training, teaching normies how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I was doing anonymously before, but never as Q.”

Tried to overturn the 2020 U.S. President Election:

As several Americans challenged the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, including the My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell, Ron Watkins spread mass misinformation. He created conspiracy theories relating to Dominion voting systems and fake voting machines used in the elections. 

Republican senate members hired Trump supporters to recount the votes of the 2020 election. When Biden’s victory was reassured after the counting, even then, QAnon and other Trump supporters made false claims and remarks. 

In addition to his efforts to turn the elections, a lawsuit by Sidney Powell had Watkins as the expert witness. Here he described himself as “an information security expert with nine years of experience as a ‘network and information defense analyst’ and security engineer.”

With this, on January 8, Twitter suspended all the accounts primarily made to spread information related to QAnon. Watkin’s account was one such account that was then permanently banned by Twitter. 

Watkins reaffirmed the QAnon believers, “I’m telling [the media], ‘Trump won. He did win.” Strongly told the crowd, “And I’m telling them the election needs to be decertified, and you know what? They’re putting me on T.V., and they’re saying that.”

Digging the well deep down and pointing at the social media sites that banned Watkins, he said, “We are living now through a modern digital civil rights movement, and you could call me the new Rosa Parks. I’ve been out there; And you might say, ‘Why is Ron the new digital Rosa Parks?’ Well, I want to get on the bus.”

Fake votes:

Watkins, during the election audit of Maricopa Country, claimed that 200,000 of Trump votes were uncounted. This statement was just another outlandish remark that was not believed by anyone. After this, he announced a site called alienleaks relating to the sightings of UFOs. 

These conspiracy theories made several upheavals in American politics. In the meantime, Ron stood for the next Arizona congressional seat to defeat the democratic leader, Tom O’Holleran. 

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  • Well the AZ audit results were released and besides being completely blacked out by the media, the actual results are very clear that there was massive election and voter fraud. And that’s just what they could get their hands on and prove 100%. I’m not a Q backer in any way, yet I can see clear as day that this election was stolen and the media is doing everything it can to cover it up and judges are tossing the cases without even having an evidentiary hearing to look at the proof. This republic is under attack and it’s people like you, who try to downplay and shame those that see the truth, that are the real threats to this nation.

    • So obvious it was stolen. How can a zombie win anything except winning biggest loser. Ppl know trump made everyone’s lives better so it’s obvious even more would vote,