Listen to The Dinesh D’Souza Podcast “THE PERMANENCE OF RACISM?”

Listen to The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Listen to the permanence of racism podcast by Dinesh D’Souza

What’s this show about?

Dinesh D’Souza is a natural born creative and filmmaker. He is the person who made the highest-grossing conservative documentary of all time, the documentary grossed $33 Million. The film in question is 2016: Obama’s America. The $33 Million profit also made the documentary one of the highest documentaries of any kind.

Dinesh D'Souza

Since then, he has published four more documentaries: America: Imagine a World Without Her (2014), Hillary’s America (2016), Death of a Nation (2018), and Trump Card (2020). Considering his influential background, when he moved to podcasts in October of 2021, you would think he gained herds of fans and followers. If you think this, you would be right, the podcast was a huge success and since then, there have been 106 episodes. Let’s go over some important episodes.

Popular episodes

  • Episode 1, Parents on the watchlist: In this episode, Dinesh demonstrates how the Biden administration has transitioned from labeling January 6 demonstrators as domestic terrorists to labeling parents who oppose Critical Race indoctrination as such. A Facebook whistleblower exposes illicit activities on the platform, but Dinesh demonstrates how the Left is exploiting her to push for further digital restrictions. A vengeful court strikes out, imprisoning a peaceful January 6 demonstrator who was not even wanted by the Biden administration. Dinesh is joined by Jack Posobiec to discuss his latest children’s book, The Island of Free Ice Cream. In his podcast, you will notice a distinct style to his speech that I feel is wonderful, it is relaxed but energetic at the same time.
  • Episode 2, Do it, Joe! In this episode, Dinesh assesses claims that Joe Manchin is considering quitting the Democratic Party with skepticism while simultaneously encouraging him to do so. Dinesh honors courageous people ranging from Dan Bongino to Southwest Airlines personnel. Dinesh uses Andrew McCabe’s case to demonstrate that if you constantly get away with it, you’re a Democrat. Dinesh poses and answers the question, “Who represents Socialist Man if Ben Franklin represents Capitalist Man?” Next, we have a special episode.
  • Episode 3, The Unraveling. Dinesh has an in-depth chat with Julie Kelly, the lone investigative journalist following the January 6 trials and aftermath, in this special edition. The Left’s whole narrative around those events is slowly but inevitably disintegrating, and Dinesh and Julie will examine all aspects of this collapse. So, what exactly happened? What were the motivations of the perpetrators? Is the state’s authority delivering justice or abusing it? Why is it that the Republican Party refuses to intervene or even speak up? Dinesh will conduct an open and truthful investigation into particular acts and situations with the woman who has steadfastly followed the truth despite obfuscation, delay, and deception.

Dinesh D'Souza

  • Episode 4, God and Science. Dinesh has an in-depth discussion with MIT nuclear physicist Ian Hutchinson about the compatibility of God—specifically, the Christian God—and science in this episode. Dinesh uses Vaclav Havel’s example of a Soviet greengrocer to demonstrate the mind-numbing ideological mantras spread by the Biden administration’s many agencies. Dinesh demonstrates China’s new hypersonic nuclear weapon system’s startling cunning and might. Dinesh also considers China’s new rule, which states that if the children do something wrong, the parents must be punished.
  • Episode 5, Never a Dull Moment. In this episode, Dinesh gets Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unvarnished opinion on the Biden administration’s disarray and controversies. Dinesh explains how Ray Epps’ role might be the “smoking gun” that proves the FBI’s involvement in the January 6 incident. Dinesh reads a New York Times piece about censorship in Russia and China very carefully, noting what it doesn’t say. Dinesh demonstrates how the removal of a Jefferson statue suggests Gulliver’s war with the Lilliputians is losing.

What’s this particular episode about?

Moving on to the latest special edition episode, titled; The Permanence of Racism? Dinesh examines the core premise of Critical Race Theory, the persistence of racism, in this special episode. Dinesh contends that, if racism is permanent and will always exist, it must have existed in the past as well.

Dinesh D'Souza podcast

Dinesh presents the astonishing case that racism has a historical foundation, drawing on his own work on race over the previous 25 years, dating back to “The End of Racism” in 1995. Dinesh goes on to explain exactly what it was, and he closes by illustrating what the elimination of racism in Western culture might look like.

Who is Dinesh D’Souza?

On April 25, 1961, Dinesh Joseph D’Souza was born. He is a right-wing political analyst, agitator, author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist who is Indian-American. D’Souza is the author of more than a dozen books, including numerous New York Times best-sellers. D’Souza, who was born in Bombay, came to the United States as an exchange student and went on to Dartmouth College.

In 1991, he became a naturalized citizen. He was president of The King’s College, a Christian institution in New York City, from 2010 to 2012, until he resigned over an alleged adultery scandal. In 2012, D’Souza gave $10,000 to Wendy Long’s senate campaign on behalf of himself and his wife, agreeing in writing to credit $5,000 from his wife and $5,000 from him.

Dinesh D'Souza

He ordered two others to pay Long an extra $20,000, which he pledged to refund and did later. At the time, the Election Act limited individual political contributions to $5,000 per candidate. D’Souza pled guilty in federal court two years later to one felony charge of making an unlawful political gift through a “straw donor.” He received eight-month imprisonment in a halfway house near his San Diego home, five years of probation, and a $30,000 fine. President Donald Trump granted D’Souza a pardon in 2018.


D’Souza is commonly referred to as a neo-conservative. In the American context, he defines conservatism as “conserving the principles of the American Revolution.” In his book Letters to a Young Conservative, D’Souza believes that conservatism is a mix of classical liberalism and ancient virtue, emphasizing “the belief that there are moral standards in the universe and that living up to them is the best way to have a full and happy life.”

He also criticizes the current liberal notion that “human nature is intrinsically good,” and that “the great conflicts in the world … arise out of terrible misunderstandings that can be corrected through ongoing conversation and through the mediation of the United Nations.”



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