Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, New Cast Announced, Preview and Where To Watch?

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, New Cast Announced, Preview and Where To Watch?: In September of this year, Log Horizon came back from the dead. No one expected the third season of Log Horizon as a few years ago the creator of this series got into some legal trouble. There were so many rumors that the author of the series was jailed or something, But none of it was true, the main reason was that there wasn’t enough source material for a new season. The real story can be that the author of the series is a really slow writer.

Log Horizon is an anime based on a Light Novel of the same name. Mamare Touno writes the novel. The novel has received four manga adaptations till now. The first season of the series premiered in October 2013. And the second season released in October 2014. Now that we know that the series will be back, let’s look at all the things we know about it so far. A few days ago, NHK announced the first few cast members of season 3. With Tadano replacing the late Keiji Fujiwara.

Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon Plot

The story revolves around 30,000 Japanese players who are trapped in a fantasy-online game universe. This is not a fantasy for them anymore, as it is their reality. Our main characters are Shiroe and his teammates. That involves his old-time friend Naotsugu and an assassin Akatsuki. The story is of their survival and all the hardship they face in this game.

From just reading the plot, it might sound similar to Sword Art Online. But, once you start watching it, you will know different and memorable this series is. It might have dropped some pace in season 2, but it is still so good that once you start watching it, you will stop only after finishing it. The upcoming season is titled “Log Horizon Round Table Collapse”, which means that it will be adapted from the 12th volume of the novel.

It starts off slow, really slow. If you can go past those episodes you will fall in love with this anime. It is way better than all the other anime in the same premise(Yes, Sword Art Online). It’s more of a thinking show exploring the implications of living in an actual MMO world. It’s a lot about exploiting the environment and cleverly manipulating the system so that it becomes a better place to live.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date 

NHK announced that the season would release on January 13, 2021. The series was supposed to release in October this year but was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The first and second seasons of the show consisted of 25 episodes each. But season 3 will only have 12 episodes.

Log Horizon Cast 

All the cast members will be the same as season 1 and season 2. With new members being added to the cast which includes:-

  • Kengo Kawanishi as Tori
  • Yuko Kaida as Saraiya
  • And Youhei Tadano replacing late Keiji Fujiwara as Regan

Shinji Ishihara will be back as the director of the anime, and Toshizo Nemoto will handle the script. Hara will be looking over the character designing department, and Shoji Hata will be the sound director. Yasuhara Takanashi will compose the music again, and if we can get a banger like Database and Man with a Mission, it will be just fantastic.

Log Horizon Preview

The preview was released in September itself. The trailer looked solid, to be honest. We can expect some big things from this season, and if it can replicate the magic of the first season, we are in for a treat.


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