Lost in Space Season 3 Confirmed : Release Date and Plot

Lost in space season 3

A big announcement is coming from our sources that Netflix has announced Lost in space season 3 and Is this the final season?. It is believed that the upcoming season will be announced in 2021.

Lost in space is one of the most unappreciated series that Netflix has ever produced. Lost in space is an absolute beauty that reflects a glimpse of the late 90s and 60s in its episodes. 

Lost in Space season 3 renewed? 

Netflix on its twitter account confirmed that they would come back with a season 3 of this wonderful TV series. The post clearly stated that lost in space season 3 is all set for a comeback. 

After three months of endless waiting, this announcement acted as a refreshment for every lost in space follower. 

However, along with the come back announcement, it is also considered that this season would be the final season of lost in space. 

This provoked many fans, and a small petition was issued, which asked Netflix to arrange more seasons of the lost in space. 

Lost in Space season 3 Production report! 

Because of the corona outbreak, the production of this series is halted and restricted because of lockdown. 

The previous reports believed that the series would start recording their episodes in September 2020 and would wrap mostly in January 2021.

The prime location of the current season is Canada. As you all know, every season requires a different location. The previous two seasons were shot in Vancouver and Iceland. 

Lost in Space season 3 announcement day

However, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the release date is not yet confirmed. It is expected that the season would be announced in 2021. The final season would be likely to publish in late Summer 2021.

Lost in Space season 3 Spoiler alert 

Judy, will, and Peny is likely to escape from the chaos created by the robot army.

One of the most significant leaks residing in the second season is Jupiter’s transport, bearing children who come into contact with Fortuna, a long-lost ship mentioned in the book “Lost in Space.”

Considering fan theories for a second, some recommended that Grant Kelly may be alive, and some even proposed that Netflix may enroll some old on-screen characters to return in the last season.

Because we know that the series moves to the place of shooting, we can assume that we will be on an entirely new planet during season 3. All we know at the moment is that they are in an unknown star system.

Another big question that we have left since the second season concerns Dr. Smith. Although it seemed complete for the character, her body was never restored. 


Being a Lost in space fan myself. I am too excited for season 3. I am hoping that Netflix doesn’t mess up the story and maintains its charm. What are your thoughts? Comment down below.

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