Lycamobile Internet APN Settings Guide

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings Guide

Are you searching for the Lycamobile Internet APN settings? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect article.

This article will provide information on Lycamobile Internet and MMS APN settings for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones and much more relevant information.

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About LycaMobile

About LycaMobile

Lycamobile is a leading multinational British Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) operating in around 60 countries worldwide. Its headquarter is situated in London, United Kingdom.

The company provides low-cost mobile services and a high-speed internet connection to nearly 15 million customers globally. Lycamobile uses other major telecommunications networks to offer services to its customers at a reasonable price range. With its flexible and affordable plans, Lycamobile has become a popular network choice for mobile services and international calls.

However, you must have proper Lycamobile internet APN settings on your device to access reliable Lycamobile services. Let’s take a closer look at the same for different devices.

What are the Best Lycamobile Internet Settings

The best Lycamobile Internet settings are

  • APN –
  • Username: Lyca US
  • Password: Not Set
  • MMS APN:
  • MMSC:

Once you activate your phone on these settings, you will have uninterrupted internet services from Lycamobile.

What Must I Do Before Configuring Lycamobile APN Settings

Before configuring the Lycamobile APN setting, you must ensure this point.

  • You must activate your sim by visiting
  • You must have an active data plan
  • Make sure your 4G LTE settings are enabled
  • Make sure you don’t have previously saved APN settings. Please delete them and make a new APN setting profile.

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for Android

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for Android

The steps to Lycamobile APN settings for Android are as follows.

  • Open the settings application on your Android device.
  •  Select the “Connection” option.
  •  Click the “Mobile Networks” option on your screen next.
  • Now, select the APN settings option and add the Lycamobile APN details mentioned below.

Name -Lyca


Proxy – Not Set

Port – Not Set

Username – Not Set

Password – Not Set

Server – Not Set


MMS Proxy – Not Set

MMS Port – Not Set

MCC – Leave Blank

MNC – Leave Blank

Authentication Type – Not Set

APN type – default,supl,mms (or – for Samsung phones) Interne + mms

APN protocol – Ipv4

Enable/disable APN – APN Enabled

Bearer – Unspecified

  •  Tap the save icon after entering these details and return to the home screen.

Lastly, restart your Android phone by pressing the power button. Restarting your device is not essential, but activating your Android phone’s Lycamobile APN settings is recommended.

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for iPhone

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for iPhone

The steps to Lycamobile APN settings for iPhone are as follows.

  • Open the Settings application on your iPhone and go to the cellular option.
  •  Select the cellular data option and turn it on.
  •  Next, click on the “Cellular Data Network” option.
  • Then, enter the following LycaMobile APN details on your iPhone.


Username – Blank

Password – Blank

LTE SETUP (Optional) :

APN – Blank

Username -Blank

Password – Blank

MMS -Blank


Username – blank

Password – blank


MMS Proxy – blank

MMS Message Size – 1048576

MMS UA Prof URL – blank

You may modify the LTE setup settings by opting for your iPhone’s “LTE Setup” option.

Lycamobile iPhone MMS Settings

Now, enter the LycaMobile MMS settings for iPhone accordingly, as mentioned below.

APN – data.lycamobile.comUsername – Empty

Password – Empty


MMS Proxy – Empty

MMS Message Size – 104876


Finally, save the settings and return to the home screen. Lastly, restart your iPhone to activate your iPhone’s LycaMobile APN settings successfully.

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for Windows Phone

Lycamobile Internet APN Settings for Windows Phone

Please follow the steps below to get the Lycamobile APN settings for your Windows handset.

  • Go to your Windows handset’s system app settings.
  •  Select the “Network and Wireless” option.
  • Now, click the “Cellular and SIM” option on your screen.
  • Now, add the following Lycamobile APN settings details.


User name – Blank

Password – Blank

Proxy server (URL) – Blank

Proxy Port -Blank

IP Type – Ipv4

After adding the details, select the preferred SIM type. Please select the LycaMobile SIM card option. When selecting the SIM type, visit its properties and click the Internet settings option.

Lycamobile Windows phone MMS Settings

You now need to enter the following LycaMobile MMS settings in the MMS APN option of your Windows phone.

Name – Internet/MMS 2


Username – Not Set

Password – Not Set

Type of sign-in info – None

IP Type – IPv4

Proxy Server – Not Set

Proxy Port – Not Set


MMSC Port – Not Set

Maximum MMS size (KB) – 2048

Finally, save the modified Windows APN settings and return to Home Screen.

Then restart your window phone for a reliable high-speed Internet connection via the new Lycamobile Internet APN settings.

What if the Lycamobile Internet Settings Don’t Work?

Suppose your Lycamobile internet settings do not work for any reason; you can do the following.

  • You should double-check the APN settings for correct information.
  • Try restarting your phone again to activate the APN settings successfully.
  • If the issue persists after the above two steps, you can contact the Lycamobile customer support team on 00 44 20 7132 0322 for assistance. The team will guide you with your internet APN settings.


What is the APN for Lycamobile?

The APN for Lycamobile is.


Username: Lyca US

Password: Not Set



How do I activate a Lycamobile sim card?

You can activate the Lycamobile sim card by visiting Lycamobile’s official website Please enter the TAC code, address, and PUK code to activate online.

Can I use mobile data without activating the Lycamobile Internet APN settings?

No. You cannot use mobile data without setting up the Lycamobile APN settings.

Can I use my Lycamobile sim abroad?

Yes. You can use your Lycamobile Sim in other countries. But for that, you must activate the International roaming in your Lycamobile Sim.

Is there any Lycamobile 5G APN Settings 2023?

No. As of now, there are no 5G internet settings for Lycamobile.

Is VPN the same as APN settings?

No. VPN (Virtual Private Network) and APN (Access Point Name) are not similar. APN is utilized for accessing the internet on mobile devices, whereas VPN is a secure network connection employed for protecting internet data transmission.

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