MachineQ and Spotta’s Bed Bug Solution for Hotels

Comcast MachineQ IoT Tech Helps Catch Bedbugs Before They Bite Hoteliers

Comcast’s IoT unit, MachineQ, has brought an innovative service associated with Spotta to prevent hotel bed bug outbreaks. 

Here are the details of the news. 

Comcast MachineQ IoT Tech Helps Catch Bedbugs Before They Bite Hoteliers

MachineQ, the IoT unit of Comcast, a leading telecommunications company, has joined hands with Spotta, an insect monitoring company, to help the hospitality industry control bed bugs before they become a bigger problem. 

According to reports, bed bug infestation has become a critical problem in the hotels of the United States. These infestations cost hotels around $111,000 annually per brand, including maintenance, treatment, lost revenue, and other expenses. Also, the figure represents the loss amount reported for the light infestation. The overall maintenance cost increases if a serious outbreak occurs in the bed bug population. 

 MachineQ and Spotta's Bed Bug Solution for Hotels
MachineQ and Spotta’s Bed Bug Solution for Hotels

MachineQ has launched a solution using the latest technology to address the issue. This service includes Spotta’s wireless Bed Pod sensors, which must be installed under mattresses. The traps use pheromones to attract bugs. Once a bug is caught, the sensor activates a camera using Spotta’s AI detection system to analyze and validate that a bedbug is inside the trap. Once detected, MachineQ’s cloud network sends an image with the exact time and location to hotel employees, who can take the necessary steps to manage the bugs.

Through the service, MachineQ and Spotta aim to provide hoteliers with an effective solution to detect and control bed bugs before they bite, spread, require remediation, or threaten their brands, causing financial losses.

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Future Prospects and Additional Applications

In a statement about the innovation, Bryan Witkowski, the Head of Product and Strategy at MachineQ, said, “We are proud to continue offering unique and scalable IoT solutions with partners like Spotta to expand our platform’s value to customers in hospitality. Our clients can start with bedbug monitoring and add other use cases to help manage risks, such as water leak detection and staff duress, using the same network infrastructure for a low total cost of ownership and fast deployment.” 

In another statement, Robert Fryers, CEO at Spotta, said, “Our 24*7 monitoring solution provides hoteliers peace of mind by detecting bed bugs quickly, enabling swift action to help reduce damage and guest impact. We are excited to partner with MachineQ to offer an innovative solution for hoteliers leveraging their established IoT network connectivity platform in the U.S. amidst a persistent bedbug issue.”  

The latest MachineQ-Spotta bedbug management service is a significant and much-needed help to the hotel industry when there is reportedly a rapid bedbug resurgence in the country. The service will help hotels prevent bedbug outbreaks by allowing them to control the bug population early and save them from losing a heavy amount yearly. 

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