Mayan calendar 2020: Conspiracy scientist declares Mayan calendar was wrong & world will end in 2020

Mayan calendar 2020

Mayan calendar 2020: In case you get some insight about 2020 and how you relate to the current situation, the most likely answers are “horrible,” “the most notably terrible year,” or “let it end soon.”

The year was troublesome, to be sure. Also, we only have half a year.

Since the progression of terrible news is not debilitating, many in informal organizations and, as a result of normal discussions, have lately been questioning whether the end of the world is near. 

Its infamous account is perhaps defended. We are facing a pandemic that shows no sign of relief, and environmental change has caused disorder in many places.

Even though the sentiment of the “apocalypse” might be unreasonably genuine for some people now, in 2012, it was a less dangerous assumption due to the calendar of ancient Mayan progress. 

Mayan calendar 2020

Mayan calendar 2020
Mayan calendar 2020

The Mayan prediction expressed that the world would come to a conclusion on December 21, 2012.

The suspicion has become so huge that a prominent high-spending Hollywood movie called “2012” shows how Earth can be destroyed due to environmental change. 

In fact, this hypothesis has remained in the realm of fiction, and humanity has grown eight years before 2020.

Since this year, everything is confusing; it is normal for students of the game to think of something new.

One analyst argued that the end of world foreknowledge could not be entirely false. 

Fulbright researcher and researcher Paolo Tagaloguin tweeted with the words: “Following the Julian schedule, we were indeed in 2012 … The number of days lost in one year due to the change in the Gregorian schedule is 11 days … a long time in the Gregorian calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2948 days. 2948 days / 365 days (of the year) = 8 years “.

From then on, the tweet was deleted; however, his devotees began to question the foundations of the hypothesis.

According to Paolo’s figures, the Earth should be devastated by June 21. This is only 4 days after the fact.

We should reorganize your requirement. At just the right time in 1582, most of the world began to use Gregorian time. 

This is the standard time that is still used for this date. However, until this year, people used various schedules to follow the dates. 

Two of them were Mayan and Julian calendars. The motive for knowing the Gregorian time was to reflect better the time it takes for the Earth to rotate around the Sun. 

In any case, compared and the year that was characterized in the Julian time, 11 days were lost.

After a while, these lost days were summed up to create a concept inspired by the fear that we were very much in 2012 and not 2020.

Following the hypothesis of the current year, it was anticipated that June 21, 2020, was a substantial version of December 21, 2012, the anticipated day of the world’s end.

In 2012, NASA refuted this hypothesis, saying there was no solid evidence for any of the charges made on the side of the surprising occasions that occurred in December 2012.

“For any case of fiasco or impulsive change in 2012, where’s the science?” Where’s the evidence? “NASA recently clarified.

“This is not so, and with all imaginary proclamations, whether they are made in books, movies, narratives, or on the Internet or not, we cannot change this basic reality. 

There is no reliable evidence of any announcements made on the side of abnormal occasions that occurred in December 2012, “included the space organization.

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