Medical Freedom Rally Day

Medical Rally

Overview: This article presents various information such as parking, location, how to sign up etc. about ‘Medical Freedom Rally Day’.

The ‘Medical Freedom Rally Day’, also known as the ‘Medical Freedom Lobby Day’ is a rally hosted by a Virginia based organisation, called the ‘Virginia Freedom Keepers’. The event shall focus on “lobbying state representatives regarding medical freedom, informed consent and bodily autonomy”. This is another one of the numerous organisations established against the Covid – 19 health mandates since the onset of the pandemic. 

” Join Virginia Freedom Keepers for 2022 Medical Lobby Day as we lobby our representatives regarding informed consent, medical freedom and bodily autonomy. Follow the Eventbrite link for more details and to RSVP” – read a Facebook post dated 10th February, by the Virginia Freedom Keepers along with a link to the Eventbrite website.

Tickets, details and more…

The ‘Medical Freedom Rally Day’ will be held on 18th February at the Pocahontas Building, 900 East Main Street in Richmond, Virginia.

Medical Rally

Check out the exact location here

The rally will start at 8 am EST and will continue till 3 pm EST. 

There are no tickets required to attend the rally; an RSVP has been set up instead. All the details regarding entry, and the rules for entry are available in detail at the Eventbrite website. 

Who are the Virginia Freedom Keepers?

Virginia Freedom Keepers

The Virginia Freedom Keepers are a non – profit organisation established in Virginia in order to oppose the Covid 19 health mandates issued by the government. It was launched in 2019 and consists of “a collective voice of thousands of Virginians who advocate for their right to accept, delay or decline any medical procedure or product”, as described on their official website, 

They also have a number of products like hoodies, tees and tote bags for sale on their website to raise funds in order to support their C4 legislative action responses. 

Medical Rally

The Virginia Freedom Keepers have actively opposed the Covid 19 health mandates issued by the government and have also gained popular support. They  have also launched a number of successful rallies since 2019 including the ‘March Against Mandates’ against the statewide mask mandate along with a potential vaccine mandate in 2020. It was a “family – friendly protest” that collected more than 10000 signatures in just a few days on a petition demanding that the mandates be removed. 

In response to the ‘March Against Mandates’, the Health Commissioner of Virginia, Dr. Norman Oliver made it clear in an interview that he would make vaccines mandatory if it is made available.

“It is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” stated Oliver. 

Their Facebook handle is The Virginia Freedom Keepers. Their Instagram handle is @virginiafreedomkeepers  with more than 7K followers. Their Twitter account is @VAFreedomKeeper 


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