Entertainment - Memorials Episode 15 & 16 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Where to Watch?

Memorials Episode 15 & 16 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Where to Watch?

Memorials Episode 15 & 16

Memorials Episode 15 & 16 Release Date: Memorials is a South-Korean drama which telecasts on TV only on KBS2. The romantic –comedy features NaNa (who earlier featured in Kill It) along with Park SungHoon (who featured in Six Flying Dragons) as Koo Se Ra and Seo Gong Myung, respectively. The duo earlier featured together in Justice.

Memorials is the office romance comedy of Koo Se Ra, who has a bright personality in spite of coming from a poor background, and Seo Kong-Myung who works as a fifth-grade public health officer and has an unfriendly personality. They got involved with each other and punish the corrupt politicians.

Memorials Episode 15 & 16 Release Date

Memorials air at 21:30 every Wednesday and Thursday at KBS2. Memorials episode 15 and 16 will be premiered on 23 July 2020 i.e. Thursday at 9:30 pm Korean Standard Time. You can also stream the telecast of the show online on Rakuten Viki and Dramacool streaming website. The episodes will be available with English subtitles so it can be accessible to everyone.

In the last episode of Memorials, the company’s chairman Cho said that the monthly salary of the district representatives will be delayed until the Mawon-gu’s budget issue isn’t solved by them. Se Ra was already in a miserable condition to pay for her living expenses and this added further to her problems. Se Ra along with Yoon Hee Soo brings an order bill to clear the misunderstanding with the people in connection with her vote for the issue of municipal bonds’ motion.

Meanwhile, Gong Myung helps Se Ra to resolve her work problems and later bumps into chairman Cho who is also his father. Feeling the pressure at home around his father, Myung decides to leave the house. On the other hand, Se Ra gets success in recording an unacceptable deal about the bill provided by Go Dong Chan and presents it to the District Assembly.

Memorials Episode 15 & 16

Se Ra gets jealous to see Gong Myung getting out of Hee Soo’s car, which is noticed by Hee Soo who takes it as a chance to provoke Se Ra. Next day, a person from Se Ra’s neighbourhood comes to complains to her regarding the golf balls thrown from nearby golf range. Se Ra finds not considering the complaint about long to be suspicious and decides to investigate regarding it, to know what exactly happened there.

People tells Se Ra that it is not easy to solve the problem as there is a hidden mystery. She somehow manages to find out the person behind not handling the complaint. On the other hand, Gong Myung clarifies to Se Ra that there isn’t anything between him and Hee Soo. Se Ra starts realizing her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, courtesy to her hard work, she manages to find a solution to the complaint regarding the golf ball.

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