How to get Microsoft Military Discount

How to get Microsoft Military Discount

The Microsoft Military Discount is a discount program offered by Microsoft to active-duty military service members, veterans, and their families. This program offers eligible individuals a discount on select Microsoft products, such as Surface laptops, Microsoft Office, and Xbox consoles.

The discount amount varies based on the product, but it can range anywhere from 10-20% off the regular price. Individuals must verify their military status with Microsoft to take advantage of the discount. However, the Microsoft Military Discount Program might change and is restricted to some countries.

How to Get the Microsoft Military Discount

How to Get the Microsoft Military Discount

To get the Microsoft Military Discount, you can follow these steps –

Verify your military status

You need to verify your military status with Microsoft to get the discount. You can use the website to verify your status.

Browse Microsoft products

Visit the Microsoft store and browse the products eligible for the discount.

Add product to your cart

Once you have selected the product, add it to your cart.

Apply the discount code

Enter the military discount code when you check out.

Complete your purchase

Enter the billing and shipping information to complete the purchase.

Disclaimer – The Microsoft military discount may vary by country, and the discount amount may change over time. Be sure to check with Microsoft for the latest details on their military discount program.

What type of Military Discount is provided by Microsoft?

Military personnel now serving or have served in the past are eligible for special discounts on the majority of Microsoft goods, including software, hardware, and accessories. Different military discount schemes are available depending on your current position and branch of service.

In addition, Microsoft provides a military discount on selected products from the Microsoft Store.

The types of products eligible for the Microsoft military discount include –

  • Surface Laptops – Military personnel can receive a discount on Microsoft Surface laptops, including the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book.
  • Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office, including the Home and Business, Home and Student, and Professional versions, is eligible for the military discount.
  • Xbox Consoles – Xbox consoles, such as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, are eligible for the military discount.
  • Accessories – Military personnel can also receive a discount on Microsoft accessories, such as Surface keyboards and Xbox controllers.

The discount amount varies based on the product, but it can range from 10-20% off the regular price. It is important to note that the Microsoft military discount program is subject to change and may not be available in all countries.

Offer Details – What’s included in the Microsoft Military Discount

Offer Details – What's included in the Microsoft Military Discount

Microsoft has established a military discount program to express appreciation to those who are or have been serving in the armed forces of the United States. The military discount program offers up to 10% off on eligible computers and accessories, 5% off Surface Go, and a free Office 365. Military personnel and their families can take advantage of this discount when purchasing Microsoft products such as laptops, tablets, virtual reality devices, and more.

In addition to the military discount, Microsoft is also offering education discounts for students, parents, teachers, and military personnel. The discount is valid on select products, and the student or military discount or the sale price will be automatically applied to the shopping cart.

It’s worth mentioning that the military and education discounts offered by Microsoft can only be availed through their online store within the United States, including Puerto Rico, and cannot be applied to previous orders or purchases. Some products and services, such as digital games, movies, TV shows, gift cards, and services/subscriptions, are excluded from the discounts.

How Do They Compare Microsoft Office Student Discount

Microsoft Office Student Discount is a program that provides college students with premium features of Microsoft 365 Personal at a discounted rate of $2.99 per month. Through this initiative, pupils have access to robust productivity tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, security and device protection features, 1 TB of cloud storage space, video editing software, and social media templates.

Additionally, the program offers security features to keep the student’s files, phone, laptop, and identity safe with trusted security apps, anti-phishing protection, and around-the-clock antivirus scanning.

The Microsoft Office Student Discount program allows students to keep what they create, as the Microsoft 365 account is personalized, and the student’s creations stay with them even after graduation. This program also helps students develop professional skills and work on projects seamlessly across devices with OneDrive cloud storage.

The program includes secure and spacious cloud storage, access to Microsoft Create for imagination, calendars and alerts for organizations, and Microsoft Defender for protection against malware and identity threats. Moreover, students can take advantage of customizable social media templates, video editing software, and more to create the best college experience.

Overall, the Microsoft Office Student Discount is an excellent opportunity for college students to have access to powerful and secure productivity tools at a discounted rate to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Additionally, Microsoft provides educational discounts to K–12 and higher education learners (colleges and universities). Parents, teachers, and students can all receive discounts. Valid only for a limited range of products; cannot be combined with other discounts.

Let’s have a quick comparison between Microsoft Military Discount and Microsoft Office Student Discount –

Feature Microsoft Military Discount Microsoft Office Student Discount
Eligibility Active duty military, veterans, and military families Currently enrolled students
Discount Amount 10% off on select Microsoft products Up to 10% off on select Microsoft products
Products Covered Microsoft Surface devices, Windows, Office, and more Microsoft Office, Windows, and more
Verification Military ID or verification through Student ID or verification through Unidays
Availability Online and in-store Online and in-store
Productivity Apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Cloud Storage 1 TB 1 TB
Identity and Device Protection Yes Yes
Social Media Templates N/A Yes
Video Editing Software N/A Yes

How Does the Microsoft Home Use Program Works?

Participants in the Microsoft HUP must utilize a valid email address to initiate the discount. This method is the best way to confirm that someone works for a participating company. Therefore, you must use your military email address and not a personal one.

Microsoft Store Military Discount

The Microsoft Store Military Discount is available only to members who can verify their military status with the Microsoft store.

The products, however, do not have similar discounts, meaning the discounts differ based on the products, ranging from 10-20%. Also, remember that the Microsoft Store Military Discount program might not remain the same and might not be available to all countries.

Education and military discounts are available only for the selected products by Microsoft, and they may not combine with other products.

Microsoft has the right to charge the full cost of the requested product(s) if false statements about eligibility invalidate this offer. Bulk orders are invalid and subject to cancellation.

Military Discount Eligibility

Microsoft is a technology company that offers a variety of products and services to customers around the world, including those in the military.

As a way to express their gratitude and support for members of the military, Microsoft offers a military discount on some of their products. So, who is eligible for the Microsoft military discount?

In general, the discount is available to active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel, as well as their spouses and dependents. This includes members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as the National Guard and the Reserves.

To take advantage of the discount, eligible individuals can visit the Microsoft Store online and create an account.

This process will require verification of military status using a government-issued email address or other documentation, such as a DD Form 214, Veterans ID Card, or Military Retiree Account Statement. Once the account has been created and verified, eligible individuals can purchase Microsoft products at a discounted price.

The discount amount may vary depending on the product, and some products may not be eligible for the discount at all. However, the discount is generally significant and can result in substantial savings for military personnel and their families

Microsoft Office Military Discount Eligibility

Microsoft Office Military Discount Eligibility

The Microsoft Office military discount is available to active-duty service members and their family members. All they would have to do is buy this at the military exchange in your community.

  • Details are as follows –
  • Microsoft Office 365 Home is available for purchase for $69.99 annually, saving you 30% off the standard cost of Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Home comes with a large range of goods.
  • One advantage of Microsoft’s volume licensing plans is the home-use program. Employees who work for companies participating in volume licensing programs may be given longer licenses. You may take advantage of this deal if you are an active US military member.
  • Microsoft also provides a 10% military discount to veterans, active-duty personnel, veterans, and their family members. So even if you are no longer in the military, a 10% discount on Office 365 might still be available.

Microsoft Military HUP Code Doesn’t Work – What Next?

You might need to get in touch with Microsoft customer service if you’re having issues with the Microsoft Home Use Program.

Use a separate military email address, if you have one, before doing that. For instance, several email addresses specific to deployed areas and some military email addresses, like, don’t function. So instead, use the primary email address for your branch of service wherever possible.

Additionally, it is common knowledge that emails sent through the Microsoft HUP won’t reach Coast Guard email accounts. You’ll need to get in touch with Microsoft Customer Support.

Phone: 1-800-936-5700 or 1-800-642-7676. You should have a Microsoft account to have a Microsoft support online chat.

Make sure to be explicit about your branch of service and that you are attempting to acquire Microsoft Office through the Home Use Program. It will fasten the procedure.

Microsoft Office Discount for Non-Military Members

If your present company takes part in the Home Use Program, you might be easily qualified. The Microsoft Home Use Program is a global initiative with participation from over 40,000 businesses and organizations. This covers a lot of big businesses, the government, and other things.

Go to the Microsoft Home Use Program website, input the company email address, and check eligibility to determine if your business is a participant.

FAQs About Microsoft Military Discount

Does the military get anything for free from Microsoft?

No, military service members do not get anything for free from Microsoft. There are some Microsoft discounts for military members, but nothing is free.

Does Microsoft support the military?

Yes, Microsoft openly supports military members, even men and women, for their better tech industry experience.

To whom does Microsoft offer education discounts?

Microsoft offers education discounts to K-12 and higher education, families, faculties, and parents.

How do I get a Microsoft Office military discount?

Utilizing your military email account along with the Microsoft Home Use Program is the simplest option. First, you must input the military (.mil) email address on the Microsoft Office for Military page.

Next, send the email from your military account to your civilian account after that. Finally, on your home computer, click the link inside the email to finish the sign-up procedure. Active duty military personnel receive a 30% discount.

Can this discount be used online?

Yes, you can use the discount online.

How many percent of discounts are available in Microsoft military discounts?

The Microsoft discount program offers a 30% military discount.

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