What is Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit : How to Sign up

Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit

Mike Lindell recently announced a National virtual summit on his telegram channel. Many prominent people will be speaking at this national virtual summit, such as Mike Lindell, CEO of my pillow; Patrick Byrne, founder of Overstock; Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, author of  dyed in the wool, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, founder of Flip ventures, Jim & Joe Hoft founder of thegatewaypundit and KrisAnne Hall, author of Sovereign duty.

What is National Virtual Summit about?

The virtual summit is about How to Defend your vote. The event might be an interactive session, too, where the listeners can talk with speakers 1 to 1. 

On the poster of National Virtual Summit, it is also written Stolen : How America Lost Free & Fair Elections. This will be an 8 part of video series beginning 4/6/21. It is unclear where the 8 part series will be streamed.

How to Sign Up For Mike Lindell’s National Virtual Submit

To sign up for Mike Lindell’s National virtual summit, it pretty simple follow these steps :

Step 1 : Go to Defendourunion : Click here

Step 2 : Click On start, Now enter your first name and Last name

Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit

Step 3 : Enter your correct email id; make sure you don’t make a typo or else you won’t receive an update about the event. Now confirm it.

Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit

Step 4 : After Confirming your email, enter your phone number.

Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit

Step 5 : Lastly, Enter wherever you heard about the event.

Mike Lindell National Virtual Summit


Now, you would receive an email confirming your registration for the event. 


You can also Text Action to 474747 to sign up for the event. You can also watch the event on clouthub. To watch it click on the button below.

Button Coming Soon


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