Mike Lindell Slams RNC’s Early Voting: ‘Rubbish You Do Not Vote Early!’

Mike Lindell Slams RNC's Early Voting: ‘Rubbish, You Do Not Vote Early!’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) for promoting early voting and ballot harvesting strategies.

On his Wednesday night show on FrankSpeech, Lindell voiced strong opposition to the RNC’s tactics.

He particularly took issue with RNC attorney Charlie Spies, whom he believes might influence Arizona Republicans against supporting his Supreme Court case against voting machines.

Lindell expressed his frustration vehemently, “Well, I’m gonna tell you, if old Charlie blocks that, I will spend the rest of the year talking about the RNC like they’re just as bad as they were before,” referring to the former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

He continued, stressing the importance of the party’s support for his legal battle, “Because what they’ve done is that would be the worst thing you could do [to] not get behind that, this Supreme Court case.”

Mike Lindell Slams RNC's Early Voting: ‘Rubbish, You Do Not Vote Early!’
Mike Lindell Slams RNC’s Early Voting: ‘Rubbish You Do Not Vote Early!’

He also made a broad call to action for the Republican Party. “That’s all we’re asking: you better get behind this, RNC. Every single GOP in the country, every single state should be filing an amicus brief,” he said.

Lindell clarified that his efforts were aimed at future electoral integrity, “This isn’t about the stolen election. This is about future elections. We can’t have computers in our election.”

Lindell strongly disagreed with the RNC’s plan to mirror Democratic tactics such as early voting and ballot harvesting. “I’m gonna say this now: they can sit there and say, oh, let’s go ballot harvest, like, and vote early like the Democrats. Rubbish, you do not vote early! You vote same day, everybody! I will be preaching that right up until the election day! You vote same day!” he exclaimed.

When questioned about the reliability of voting machines, “Well, Mike, what if something happens like it did in Arizona, where 242 machines went down?” He answered, “Well, you know what? The public won’t stand for this. Why would you use the machines if you’re worried about that?”

Through his statements, Lindell continues to support same-day voting and expresses his deep-seated skepticism of electronic voting systems, positioning himself as a vocal critic of current electoral strategies.

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