Mike Lindell sued by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer for defamation

Mike Lindell sued by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer for defamation

Eric Coomer, who is the former Dominion Voting Systems employee, has sued election conspiracist Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, for aspersion.

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Coomer filed the claim in Denver District Court on Monday, one day before when Lindell spoke at an election-denial assembly at the Colorado Capitol.

The lawsuit claims that Lindell has targeted Coomer as a part of Lindel’s efforts “to undermine faith in American democracy and enrich himself in the process,” as well as his company MyPillow, and his media platform Frankspeech have done the same.

The lawsuit says that there is only one single source where Lindell based calumnious remarks about Coomer have been found. Joe Oltmann is an influential conservative Colorado podcast host and founder of the activist group FEC United.


Oltmann emanated a corruption theory about Dominion where he claimed that before the election of 2020 he permeated the conference call where he heard a person who was later on claimed Coomer by him and said that he manipulated the election against the former president of the United States of America Donald Trump. This description was later intensified on national platforms, that included Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Frankspeech.

Coomer has retreated Oltman and other Trump-related defendants for defamation based on the claims based on the Lindell suit. He clarified that he was not the part of the supposed call that Oltman claimed of having heard and clarified that he did nothing in encompassing the election. The lawsuit says that the defendants, including Lindell, have deliberately and persistently defamed Coomer as a “traitor”.

Coomer lives in Colorado, and Dominion is in Colorado

“Dr Coomer has had an onslaught of harassment and credible death threats issued against him; he is at risk in his home or in going to work; his presence puts his family, friends, colleagues, and his community in danger,” the lawsuit says.

“The results of the Defendants’ ongoing conduct are foreseeable and obscene. This conduct is so outrageous in character and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency. It should be regarded as atrocious and determined intolerable in a civilized community.”

Mike Lindell

Lindell was at the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday as the keynote orator of an “election truth rally,” which featured the deniers of prominent Colorado such as Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and state Rep. Ron Hanks. Lindell’s assertions were baseless about the capricious of elections during the occasion.

“You guys here in Colorado, you’re in a battle — you’re like the tip of the spear (against) evil of epic proportions,” he said. Lindell was reportedly administered with a claim during the rally. There were claims that the election of 2020 was swindled or jeopardized and have been discredited by experts, courts and election officials from both parties.








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