Mike Lindell to Release a New Documentary on Election 2020

Mike Lindell to Release a New Documentary on Election 2020

After Mike Lindell released the documentary “Absolute Proof” and held a “Cyber Symposium” to substantiate his claims, he filed a lawsuit against voter fraud in the 2020 election. He thinks that based on the evidence he is presenting, the Supreme Court will rule 9-0 that the election was taken away from Trump.

The Former U.S. President Donald Trump is supported by Lindell. He is an advisor to him. After Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, Lindell supported and financed Trump’s attempts to overturn the election result. He is a promoter of the toxic plant extract oleandrin, which is an alternate medicine for Covid-19.

After around one year after the 2020 presidential election before Thanksgiving this year, Mike Lindell revealed his plans to take the election fraud case to the Supreme Court. In Steve Bannon’s War Room, on Tuesday, he announced that he will ensure that the nation’s highest court reviews his election fraud case which would challenge Joe Biden’s tenure in office.

What was Said in the Video?

His words were “There are great things coming,”

He went ahead saying “Within the next 10 days or so, there’s going to be a platform I’m putting out that’s going to be the focal point where everyone can go out and there’s they can’t stop. YouTube and all this stuff. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put out evidence every single day, more and more.” he added. “The stuff that’s going on right now, you guys cannot believe it.”

He also added, “As we build this up, and all this other evidence is showing, I’m going to come out with another documentary showing all the foreign interference,”. “Everybody’s gonna know about this, in spite of the media.”, he said. 

‘We’re bringing it up, we got the case, it’s almost ready, and when we bring it in five, six weeks before the Supreme Court; now let me tell you, by the time it gets there, everyone’s gonna see, everyone’s gonna know it, including all nine of the justices.” “This time they’ll have already seen the evidence, they’re gonna have to accept this. And I’m telling you, it’s going to be a 9-0 vote going, ‘Wow, this was an attack on our country by foreign actors and domestic.’ he said. “And I don’t know what they do after that, I’ve said that in my movie, but I will tell you this: They will do something. They have to.” He said these words in the video he posted.

What was the Twitter post?

Lindell announced that he will be releasing a new “documentary” and lawsuit in the upcoming weeks which will finally force the Supreme Court to issue a 9-0 ruling that the election was taken away from Trump.

The Allegations Made by Trump Related to the Election Fraud

Trump alleged the involvement of the Democrats in a “large-scale election fraud”, “illegal vote-counting” and “voter suppression”. Pro-Trump news channels also questioned the legitimacy of the election voting machines and software and the channels supported Trump’s allegations that vote counting might have been manipulated in favor of Joe Biden in some states.

He targeted the manufacturer of the voting machine, Dominion Voting Systems, which threatened to take legal action against him. Trump questioned mail-in voting in the run-up to the 2020 presidential elections as many Republicans believed that it would be in the favor of the Democrats. They think that more low-income and non-white voters will mean more votes for Democrats. Trump also alleged that voting by mail led to fraud in the process.

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