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    Mike Lindell, the CEO of Mypillow and an active Trump supporter is going to host “thanks a thon” which is going to be a 96-hour live stream also called the Tele marathon in which he is going to discuss the US supreme court complaint on the 2020 election.

    Watch Mike Lindell Thanksgiving – Thanks A Thon live Stream

    The event starts at 12:00 Am CT. You can watch the event live here on this page.

    You can also follow us on telegram to get an instant update on the live event.

    Timeline and Agenda of the 4 day Thanksathon live

    Thanksathon will be a recorded 96 hour livestream consisting of various events that took place before the 2020 elections till the present day of 2021. It will consist of all the news , events, rallies that were held before and after the election. It will also showcase stories from different states before and after the election. Mostly its going to be a timeline of how things were before 2020 and how they changed after the 2020 elections.

    96 hour Mike Lindell Live Stream – Thanksgiving Event

    The Thanksathon livestream will start on the midnight of thanksgiving to the midnight of sunday. Thanksgiving is coming and Mike lindell has something special to show to his viewers and followers. The Thanks A Thon event will be streamed for straight 96 hours which will host several documentaries with proofs and facts about the 2020 Election. Mike Lindell will also join the event live during the 96 hour long live stream. Along with Mike it is rumoured that Brannon howse, steve bannon and other Trump supporters will also pay a visit to the Thanks A Thon event, which was earlier called as the ” Telethon “

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    • What planet are you people on? I have not seen such since studying contemporary World History 1900-1950 during which people had seemingly lost their ability to think on their own and let the likes of Josef Goebbel and Adolf Hitler spew empty platitudes of baseless nonsense and the suddenly gullible and naive receptive public swallowed it up hook, line. and pillowcase. You are litterally allowing others to imprint their opinion on you to the point it has become your own. That my friends is the true description and definition of brainwashing. WAKE UP!!!!

    • Well it really seemed like be really caused the house to come down with this CyberSymposium Part Deux. Almost a dozen people watched according to viewership records. Way to go Lindell. I don’t think Trump is back in office.

    • Rarely does the general public have the opportunity to directly observe lunacy at this level. Thank you, Mr. Lindell, for exposing yourself in public.

    • The fact Mike is being ignored by those who he counted on for support merely illustrates the truth that when you jump the shark, you just might be abandoned by your own friends.