Minimizing The Risk Of Accidents On Construction Sites

Minimizing The Risk Of Accidents On Construction Sites

Around the world, over 2 million workers suffer work-related accidents or illnesses every year, with a disproportionate number occurring in the construction industry. The most common causes of accidents on a building site include being crushed by large and dangerous machinery, falls from a height, and electrocutions from power flow. To avoid accidents on building sites, health and safety guidance and protocols must always be followed, as when safety is compromised, the resulting accidents can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.

Caution Around Heavy Machinery

Vigilance when operating or working near heavy machinery is vital. On the uneven ground of a building site, vehicles that are improperly loaded can roll over and crush workers. The site of cranes in a busy city center is common, but due to their height and weight, they are particularly dangerous, and if they collapse, can cause serious and fatal injuries to both passers by and workers on site. The personal injuries caused by a fall from a crane or being crushed between parts can be life-altering, and many workers need legal support to deal with the distressing consequences. In situations where contractors have failed to provide adequate safety training or warning against hazardous conditions, they must be held accountable.

Avoiding Electrocution 

Another risk of working with cranes is hitting overhead power cables, which can result in operators being electrocuted. Construction workers experience electrocution four times as often as the average worker in any other industry. Almost two thirds of electrocutions are caused by direct contact with a source of electricity such as power lines or electrical equipment without a circuit breaker. Workers are always advised to stay a safe distance from power cables, and when they have to use equipment such as cranes, the appropriate utility company should always be informed in order that they can arrange for the lines to be de-energized and grounded.

Preventing Falls

Climbing and working on ladders and scaffolding present a serious hazard to workers, and falls from a height are the leading cause of death on construction sites. Scaffolding must be regularly inspected according to health and safety regulations. Extra safety equipment, such as securely attached guardrails, toe boards, and safety harnesses for workers should also be provided.

Working in construction is inherently dangerous, and accidents are common. While support is available in the event of a worker coming to harm on site, safety protocols should always be followed to minimize the risk of serious injury and death.

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