Missing The Other Side Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Trailer (Latest KDrama)

Missing The Other Side Episode 1 Release Date: We’ve mostly known south Korean dramas for the unique storylines and the content that the series brings for the audience and Missing: The Other Side is one such series we will know more about today.

Missing The Other Side Episode 1

Missing: The Other Side, is directed by Min Yeon-Hong and is written by Ban Ki-Ri, Jung So-Young. The series will soon be released, and the excitement for this series is raising high for the audience that enjoys Korean drama. However, the story of Missing: The Other Side is a slight bit different; this story is going to revolve around the land of spirits and ghosts. Lets us get to know more about it.

Missing The Other Side Plot

Missing: The Other Side is a story about the village where the story of finding the disappearances of people leads to shocking revelations about the village; it is a land of spirits. Kim wook show is a very smooth talker and a wise man he commits fraud to make a living, and one day he stumbles in Duon Village, where the missing dead gather and the journey of facing numerous mysteries begin. He is joined by a detective called as Shin Joon Ho and a mysterious Jang Pan Seok. The story will be exciting and intriguing to watch.


Missing: The Other Side Cast

Ko Soo – Kim Wook
Heo Jun-Ho – Jang Pan-Seok
Ahn So-Hee – Lee Jong-A
Seo Eun-Su – Choi Yeo-Na
Ha-Joon – Shin Joon-Ho
Song Geon-Hee – Thomas
Kang Mal-Geum – Kim Hyun-Mi
Ko Dong-Ha – Kim Joon-Soo
Kim Jung-Eun – Jo Myeong-Soon
Moon Yoo-Kang – Kim Nam-Kook
Park Hye-Jin – Choi Mi-Ja
Ahn Dong-Yeob – Park Beom-Soo
Lee Ki-Chan – Park Byeong-Eun
Lee Joo-Myoung – Jang-Mi
Lee Joo-Won – Park Young-Ho
Jang Kyung-Su – Detective Bok
Jang Sun-Yool – Seo Ha-Neul
Ji Dae-Han – Baek Il-Doo

Missing: The Other Side Release Date

The series is set to make its premiere in the coming August 2020; however, the release date is not yet confirmed by the team or the makers. We’re hoping that the makers will soon make an announcement of the release date for the series. The show’s run time will usually be on the weekends that is on Saturday and Sunday so that the audience will receive two episodes back to back. 2 episodes per week.

A Korean horror Drama? This is going to be so intriguing for the audience to watch. So much excitement and interest for the show has already begun, and everyone is waiting for a final word on its release, so stay tuned to us, we will make sure to update all the information we receive on Missing: The Other Side.

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