Is Money Heist season 5 confirmed? Caste and Updates

money heist season 5

Who in the world does not know about Money Heist! Money heist, also known as “la casa de Papel”, has become one of the most adored TV series of all time. 

Recently the world witnessed the fourth season of Money heist, and the dramatic end also generated more curiosity among the subscribers. 

Every single person in the world needs to know that when will Netflix announce the fifth season of Money Heist? 

Keeping your concern in mind, world wire is here to help you out with your every question related to the announcement of Money heist season 5.

The most adored series of Netflix ‘Money Heist’ premiered its fourth season on April 3rd, 2020, and after that, the audience is eagerly waiting for the release date of season 5.

Is Money Heist season 5 confirmed? 

According to our sources, there is no official announcement issued regarding the release date of money heist season 5. However, many believe that season 5 is expected to be announced soon. 

Officially no one has provided any update regarding the announcement of Money Heist season 5. 

The gossip is still not finished here because, in early 2020, a Spanish source stated that the pre-production of Money Heist has already been started, and the series would be announced in early 2021.

The creator of Money Heist in an interview also confirmed that they would come up with season 5 soon. He stated that ” The fifth season of money heist is on.” However, confusion arises when Pina doesn’t confirm this that when it will be released.

If the pre-production has already begun, we can expect that the series may deliver soon, and if not, we have to wait for further updates. 

Money Heist Season 5 spoiler alert

Let us go through a quick recap of the previous season of the Money Heist. The heist is still on with Lisbon, along with the survivors of the Bank of Spain. 

The biggest problem the gang is facing that the Professor is now the one who was caught red-handed. With weapons to it, the series cuts credits with Bella Chao’s new version.

There’s been a lot of hypotheses on Alicia, who was dismissed from her position. Some on Reddit trust her pregnancy to be phony, and others even affirm she’s the ex of Berlin who was introduced in the fourth season.

Money Heist season 5 cast: Who will be in it?

Role Member
Tokio Úrsula Corberó
El Profesor Álvaro Morte
Lisbon Itziar Ituño
Río Miguel Herrán
Denver Jaime Lorente
Stockholmo Esther Acebo
Helsinki Darko Peric
Arturo Román Enrique Arce

Money Heist Season 5 announcement day?

With a reasonable delay in the shooting, we’re most likely going to see the arrangement return in 2021. According to our sources, the production is delayed because of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the show will start soon enough after COVID-19 ends.

In an ongoing situation within the world, the on-screen character who plays Arturo has gained significant public attention because his character is compared with the Plague.

There is still no official statement issued regarding the announcement of Money Heist season 5. Till then, stay safe, and world wire will keep you updated.

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