Monsoon Update 2020: Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Uttarakhand, & Goa, Heavy Rain?

Monsoon Update 2020: Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Uttarakhand, & Goa, Heavy Rain: Southwest rainfall continued to Maharashtra (counting Mumbai), part of Madhya Pradesh, a large part of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.  The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) clarified that rainfall also received several additional parts of Bihar.

Monsoon Update 2020

At about the same time, the Meteorological Administration of India (IMD) found that the rainfall in Mumbai and its zones over the past few hours showed that traffic increased after 1 is towards the city with the highest rainfall exceeding 50 mm in some places. 

Thane and western Mumbai have a moderate amount of rainfall. As indicated in a publication on Sunday, IMD clarified that rainfall provided the vast majority of western and central India. Still, its encouragement is needed to ease this week due to low weight.

On June 12, southwest rainfall hit the shore in Maharashtra. The ranch in the state is eagerly awaiting the stormy season, as it is highly dependent on the amount of rainfall during the year.

Delhi Monsoon Update 2020

If in doubt, a storm appears over Delhi until the end of June. Until this year, the Meteorological Administration of India (IMD) changed the typical start and end dates of storms throughout India, depending on the normal dates of the southwest rainfall from 1961 to 2019. 

As the new dates indicate, the expected storm date for Delhi was revised from June 29, 27 – two days earlier than expected. So far this year, storm progression has been fairly typical, including Kerala’s convenient development on June 1. 

As the current figure indicates, rainstorms are likely to begin on time on Delhi on June 27. The low-pressure region over the Andhra Pradesh beach gave impetus to the expected reasonable development of rainfall this week. 

Monsoon Rain Update

While the western part of the rain remained motionless over the southern part of Maharashtra, the eastern part reached a significant part of West Bengal. This week, several showers and hurricanes cleared the location of Delhi-NCR, and the end of the week will also be cloudy with light rain. 

In any case, after a slight drop in temperature from Sunday to Tuesday, the most extreme is likely to be a week with temperatures above 40 ° C in Delhi. In Delhi, during the first 12 days of June, more than 20 mm of precipitation fell – more than twice the norm. Despite this, the strength and spread of rainfall remained scarce throughout the city.

Monsoon Update 2020: Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Uttarakhand, & Goa, Heavy Rain?

Uttarakhand Monsoon Update 2020

The storm can enter the express on the day preceding the booked event. Bikram Singh, head of the meteorological center, said that Kerala also once arrived in a downpour. 

An untimely storm appeared in Odisha, Bengal and the Northeast due to the low body mass in the Bay of Bengal. As indicated by the Meteorological Administration, due to the cyclonic course in the direct eastern focal area of ​​Bengal, a low-weight zone will form over the next 48 hours. 

This will accelerate over the next 24 hours. Because of this, rainfall may reach Uttarakhand on June 20, rather than 21. Bikram Singh, head of the meteorological center, said the temperature and turbidity in the state would rise over the next hardly any days. Rain is average in some prone areas, but it does not affect heat.

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