MTV Home Games 2020: How To Register/Apply Online for India’s Biggest Home Sporting Event

MTV Home Games 2020

MTV Home Games 2020: As the people across the globe are facing tough times due to the outburst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the lives have come to a halt with everything being under the shutdown. People are unable to enjoy their normal life of going for a trip, watching sports and events, going shopping or watching movies, etc. As the situation still doesn’t seem to be better, MTV is coming with a new show for its viewers which will be full of crazy games, drama, and entertainment.

MTV Home Games 2020

The new show has been titled ‘MTV Home Games 2020’ and will be starting to telecast from July 23 i.e. every Thursday at 7 pm only on MTV India Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and thus will be going to be the first game show blending the power of digital, social media and TV to present its viewers the live-action of sports from your living room. The show will be hosted by Ranvijay Singha and Varun Sood along with many famous Indian sports-entertainment people.

MTV Home Games 2020 was kicked off with an announcement from Ranvijay on social media on July 16 while listing the 17 sports categories that you can participate in. Reportedly, the task will be given by champions of those games, called SquadRann panel including ace athlete Archis Patil, fitness enthusiast Shweta Mehta, etc., while adding a tadka in it.

The categories mentioned by Ranvijay are:

  1. Twerk-aasan – Twerk in a downward dog position while you do a Surya namaskar!
  2. Channa Ve – Standing at a distance of 10m dunk as many channas into your friend’s mouth.
  3. Chipkoo – Take a piece of paper, make it wet, stand a distance from the wall, throw that paper on the wall, your projectile should be such that the paper needs to stick.
  4. What’s the plank? – Plank in the weirdest/space constraint places in your house. Hold it at least for 2 mu.
  5. Saree Not Sorry – Only for men. How quickly can you drape a saree? Challenge is to drape in 60 seconds.
  6. Chullu Bhar Paani Main – Suck in water from a bucket directly into your mouth and discharge it in a 1L bisleri bottle.
  7. Utha Le – Pick a paper bag (with 2 apples) in your mouth placed on the floor. Hands-free with balancing on one leg. Like a yoga pose. How many times can you pick a bag in a minute?
  8. Nimbu Khatte Hain – Sour Lemon challenge, have as many lime shots as you can!
  9. Javed Plankhtar – Plank Hold Writing.
  10. Deal or Noo-dle – Crush and count noodles, can you get the maximum count?
  11. Chimti Chameli – How many clips can you put on your face in 60 sec?
  12. Hawaizaade – How many paper rockets can you make in a minute?
  13. Altaf Maharaja – How fast can you sing the lyrics of Tum Toh There Pardesi?
  14. Chumma De – Stare and kiss.
  15. Pants down / Pant Sambhalke – Changing pants while balancing books.
  16. Breathless – How many words can you read in 60 seconds?
  17. Ek Mehel Ho Paton Ka – Make a card Castle.

Contestants then choose a category, perform the task, and send their entries on Voot. The entries will be reviewed by the SquadRann panel and will make to the finale episode where the panel will review them and choose the most entertaining one. The Winner will be awarded exciting hampers from JCB, Urban Monkey, and Sock Soho.

In order to register themselves for the MTV Home Games 2020, the participants must be:

  • An Indian citizen with a valid proof
  • 18 years and above
  • No criminal record against him/her

If you are also interested to be a part of this unique, one-of-its-own-kind of a game show then you have to register yourself first. In order to do the registration for MTV Home Games 2020, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of Voot or download the Voot app.
  • A registration page will appear.
  • Fill in all the required details like Name, age, location, email Id, phone number, game category, etc.
  • Upload your video.
  • Read and agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Click on submit your details.

It must be noted that the video uploaded by you on the Voot App should be up to 50 MB while if you are uploading on Instagram then it could be as per the app’s limit. The video thus uploaded can be of avi, MOV, mp4, MPEG, etc., format.

If you wish to participate in this unique show, then hurry up and register yourself as the registrations are open and you can participate in the show from July 16, 2020, to August 15, 2020. MTV Home Games 2020 will air the finale on August 13 at 7 PM which can be streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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