MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Written Episode Updates: Show Without Sapna and Kakoli

MTV Roadies revolution is a reality game show where contestants compete to be the ultimate winner. They have to go through specific tasks to win the show and survive the elimination rounds. The show has four mentors who have players under their team, and they guide them towards the end. This show is not just about the contestants but also the four mentors. The drama, politics, and entertainments are part and parcel of the show, so let’s look at the latest episodes update.

MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Written Episode

The last episode of the MTV Roadies Revolution caught the audiences’ eye because of the double eviction. When the show is at the peak, two contestants’ journey in the show Yami Ripta and Sakshi Mallik, came to an end. The journey is about to get more exciting, but unfortunately, they ended before getting more exciting.

MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Full Episode Episode

In the new episode of MTV Roadies Revolution that will be aired on 12th September 2020 will start the journey. The bikes are all set, and the contestants will have a blast as they ride their way along the course. They reach their destination Tholi, a goal in India, and they stay at a place that looks very haunted. The day ends, and they wake up the next day for their respective tasks. They will all be dressed in the Thoil’s famous attire, and all look comfortable in the dress.

As always, the gang mentor and team have to decide a gang leader, and they have concluded. Each gang mentor has agreed on a name, and they are as follows.
Neha Dhupia: Dr. Pratibha Singh
Prince Narula : Akash Milan
Nikhil Chinappa: Micheal Ajay
Varun Sood: Jayant Yadav

MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September 2020 task?

As the promo suggests, the contestants will have to undergo a time combination task with four games to play: wrestling, Javelin Throw, Discus throw, and Archery. In this episode, the gang mentors will be seen cheering their players while they undergo the task. It seems quite interesting from the promo, so don’t forget to catch the show at 7 pm on MTV channel. The players participating from each gang are as follows.
Neha: Pratibha, Sanjay, Apoorva, Zabi

Varun: Jayant, Vipin, Abhimanyu, Nisha

Nikhil: Micheal Ajay, Kevin, Arushi, Hamid

Prince: Akash Milan, Tarandeep, Aman, Shrishti


The latest MTV Roadies Revolution will air on 12th September 2020 on MTV channel t 7 pm. Don’t forget to catch the contestants’ bike journey and they gearing up for a new task. It will be an exciting watch, so don’t miss the chance. And to know more, stay tuned to world wire.

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