MTV Roadies Revolution 15 August Episode Written Updates Full Episode: Prince Wins the Task?

The popular youth reality show MTV Roadies is running its 18th season called MTV Roadies Revolution. The show is hosted by Ranvijay Singh and the leaders comprise of Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Neha Dhupia, and Prince Narula.

MTV Roadies Revolution has 20 contestants fighting for their survival alone from the beginning as there is no gang and gang leader concept. The show started airing from Feb 15, however, stopped due to COVID-19 lockdown. It re-started from August 1 and airs every Saturday at 7 PM on MTV.

MTV Roadies Revolution 15th August Episode Written Updates

In the last week’s episode, we have seen the first vote out of the season in which Sakib Khan got eliminated. The next day, a new task started which is titled named ‘Yoga Now’ involving Yoga, Rafting, and collecting the ball. Winning the Aloe fresh juice advantage, Nikhil decides the order for the first phase of the task as Nikhil, Prince, Raftaar, and Neha in which the leaders have to choose contestants and then go for rafting and collect balls.

The task was hilarious and competitive with team Prince gaining the first spot followed by Raftaar and Nikhil. Team Neha came fourth and was disqualified.

MTV Roadies Revolution Today’s Episode Full Spoilers

Now coming to today’s episode which will start with the second phase of the task ‘Yoga Now’. Ranvijay will invite a yoga instructor, Shobit who will be judging the Yoga poses made by the contestants and their team leader.

Team Nikhil will go first and will be given different Yoga poses. Nikhil along with 4 contestants go first. He has Nisha in his team who is a yoga professional. Nikhil decides to copy her to make correct poses while Shobit keeps scoring them.

Next is the turn of team Prince who along with four contestants performed it. They make different Yoga poses while Shobit scores them. Prince was unable to do them but tried a lot and make everyone laugh. Michael was a surprise as he was really doing well but mistakenly tells Prince that he knows it.

Next is the turn of team Raftaar who is joined by 4 contestants. However, none of them performed well but make everyone laugh out loud. Last is team Neha joined by her 4 contestants. As Neha herself does yoga regularly she makes the poses very well. Team Neha does very well.

Team Raftaar who started with -1 reaches 0 as only 1st pose was correctly done by 2. The rest all were wrong. Team Nikhil who started with -2 reaches 1 point as they overall score 3 points with the first 2 poses correctly.

Team Neha who started with -2 reaches 6 with a total of 8 points doing all poses correctly. As Neha will perform all poses correct Rs. 20,000 will be added in the Rs. 1 lakh charitable donation for noble deed. Team Prince who started with 1 point reaches 9 points doing all poses correctly with -1 point because Michael mistakenly tells Prince about the yoga pose.

MTV Roadies Revolution 15th August Full Episode Watch Now

The next day will start at a new task location where Sanjay tells about the discussion between Akshita and Arushi. Nikhil also vents out his frustration on Nisha for taking a long time during the last yoga task. There are 14 contestants who are non-immune and by the task, they can win 7 immunities. The immunities will be snatched by Ranvijay, Prince, and immune contestants.

The Next task is named ‘Dung’ which focuses on helping the village people in gathering the dung to make dung-cakes. Firstly, they need to feed the cows and then collect dung and make dung-cakes. The target will be decided by the contestants themselves.

It will be hilarious to see them trying to feed the cattle and then collecting the dung. It will be followed by the procedure of making dung cakes. So guys tune in to MTV at 7 PM today and watch the action live on your favourite show MTV Roadies Revolution to witness hilarious tasks.

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