MTV Roadies Revolution 2 August Written Updates Elimination 2020: Watch Online Episode?

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Updates August 2 2020

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Updates August 2, 2020: The famous reality show among youths, MTV Roadies is currently running its eighteenth season which has been named MTV Roadies Revolution. The season is being hosted by Ranvijay Singh while the leaders will comprise of Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, and Raftaar. The show aired on Feb 15, 2020, however, due to coronavirus pandemic, the shoot was brought to halt. However, now the shoot and telecast of the episodes have begun.

For the first time, the show has done online auditions due to the lockdown. Also, this time there won’t be any gang and gang leaders’ concept. As the game will have solo survival since the beginning, hence it will be interesting to see what the season will bring for its viewers. We have informed you that the next episode of the reality show is going to air at 7 PM on August 1, 2020, however, if you missed seeing the live-action then we have brought to you all that happened in yesterday’s episode.

MTV Roadies Revolution 2md August Written Updates

There are a total of 20 contestants who will fight to survive till last. The contestants are:

Abhimanyu Singh from Bhopal, Michael Ajay from Nigeria, Aman Poddar from Kolkata, Akash Verma from Panipat, Zabi Khan for Hyderabad, Jayant Yadav from Ranchi, Tarandeep Singh, Hamid Barkzi and Arushi Chawla from New Delhi, Sanjay Negi from Dehradun, Vipin Kumar from UP, Kevin Almasifar and Sehej Maini from Pune, Saqib Mushtaq Khan from Srinagar, Pratibha Singh from Bhopal, Srishti Sudhera from Noida, Sapna Malik, Akshita Sharma from Haryana, Apoorva Gole from Mumbai, Nisha Dhaundiyal from Uttarakhand.

In the first task, Akshita Sharma, Micheal Ajay, Arushi Chawla, Aman Poddar, and Jayant Yadav emerged as winners by performing the task as a team and thus won the immunity. The task was named Panch Tantra which was based on the 5 senses of the human body. In the task, the leader selected one roadie who will then choose another pair for further tasks. The initial roadies selected were Akshita, Pratibha, Abhimanyu, and Shisti.

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Updates

Talking about today’s episode, it began with Sanjay confronting his friends for not choosing him, who later gets pacified by his friends. Also, the contestants are excited to be at their camp.

At the task location, Prince saves Pratibha Singh who thus gets immune. The rest 14 contestants are in danger zone and have to fight to win the immunity and move ahead in the game.

The next task is named Meal Mile Ke in which the contestants were made to make food for the school children. The task focus on having to effect a change to inspire the youth. The contestants who will be able to sell the maximum number of dishes will gain immunity.

Ranvijay presents himself to perform along with Raftaar and immune contestants. They decide to make pizza, while asks others to choose whatever they want to from pizza, noodles, and burgers. It was fun to see all working together while having fun. The Schoolchildren too had fun while having the delicious dishes, taking selfies, and getting entertained by the contestants and leaders.

The contestants win 5 immunities while the contestants are 14. The contestants are seen plotting planning in the tents with Shakib and Nisha being targeted the most. The next episode will witness the first vote out of the season.

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