My Wonderful Life Episode 15 Release Date, Cast, Where to Watch?

My wonderful life is a Korean drama which is Directed by Kim Young-Min and written by Seo Jung. The series will have 120 episodes in total. The series has a complicated story but is loved by the audience worldwide. So let us get to know more about My wonderful life.

My Wonderful Life

The series revolves around the hardships faced by a 34-year-old Park Bok-Hee who is married to Ki Cha-Ban and has twins, a son and a daughter. Life turns into chaos when Park Bok-Hee realizes her husband’s incompetence and starts working for herself and her family. But at the same time, Ki Cha-Ban demands a divorce because he has an affair with another person. But Park Bok-Hee completely neglects his demand for a divorce.
One day a sudden revelation changes Park Bok-Hee’s life completely when she learns that she is the daughter of a very wealthy family, and her parents are Ko Choong and Jo Eun-Lim. Ko Choong is a very wealthy family in chaebol that runs the Shingsang Group. But at the same time, there is another twist that Park Bok-Hee has to face. There is another woman who is staying with her family in her place. All these incidents change her life, and what follows with these revelations is something to watch in the series.

My wonderful Life Cast

-Choi Sung Jae as Jang Si Kyung

-Shim Yi Young as Park Bok Hee

-Jin Ye Sol as Go Sang Ah

-Won Ki Joon as Gi Cha Ban

-Han So Young as Nam Ji Ae

-Yang Hye Jin as Bok Hee’s stepmother

-Ahn Suk Hwan as Cha Ban’s father

-Park Yoo Ha as Park Hyun Hee

-Oh Mi Yeon as Jung Si Kyung’s mother

-Lee Jung Gil as Go Sang Ah’s Father

-Kim Young Ran as Go Sang Ah’s mother

These names include the main cast of the series along with a few supporting cast names, but there are also many guest appearances in the series My wonderful life.

My Wonderful Life Episode 15 Release Date

My wonderful Life episode 15 will release on the 17th of July 2020 at 19:15 Korean standard time. Korean audiences can view the episodes on the Television channel MBC, and they will get new episodes from Monday to Friday. Later these episodes will be available to watch online in English subtitles on various online websites.
For people watching the series outside, South Korean can stream it with English subtitles on Dramacool and Nowtv. These websites include the episodes that are aired so far and the latest episodes and get online as soon as they are released on the official Korean channels.
We will update any more information we have about My wonderful life and its upcoming episodes, so stay tuned for news related to entertainment, web series, and movies!

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