My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Release Date & Where to Watch Episode?

My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Release Date

My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Release Date: Korean drama is making an entry into the era of series with a bang, quite literally! They have garnered many followers over the years, and it seems to be increasing day by day. The series that they bring up for their audience has a unique story, and the characters are played by promising actors as well. Today we will look at one such Korean drama, “My Wonderful Life,” and know what the next episode 2 holds for the audience.

My Wonderful Life Story

This story follows the lead actress in her journey as she is set to overcome the struggles after she is inspired by another woman who leads a healthy life as a second-generation Chaebol. This season has about 12 episodes, out of which the 2nd episode will be streamed soon. The Main Character in the series also undergoes a divorce with her husband after she finds out about the affair. They also have two twin sons and a daughter. Life turns after various incidents in her life, and then the story revolves around how she gets inspired by a woman, and she decides to turn her life around as well.

More about the character’s life will be understood as when the episodes start coming in for us.

My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Release Date

The next episode will be released on Tuesday at the 30th of June 2020, at 19:15 Korean standard time. The show will be streamed on the local Korean channel MBC. With this, there are various ways you can stream the Korean drama, one of which is “nowtv.” All the episodes that come out f the Korean drama are available here along with English Subtitles. So when the next episode comes up on the television, simply wait for it to stream online, and there you have it an easy option to watch your favorite Korean dramas.

My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Release Date


My Wonderful Life Episode 2 Cast

-Shim Yo Young as Park Bol Hee

-Choi Sung Jae as Jang shi

-Jin Ye Sol as Ko Sang

-Won-Ki Joon as Gi Chan Ban

-Kwon Ji Min as Ki Eun Ha

There are also many supporting cast in the show, and many make a guest appearance as well.

Let’s wait and see what the upcoming episode has for us and what new turn will come into the character’s life. It will be interesting to see how the lead role builds her life and makes everything turn around. Will she be able to pull things off for herself and her family is something to watch for in this Korean drama series “My Wonderful Life.” Stream the episode 2 and enjoy the light-hearted series.

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