Mysterious lab of Wuhan: The So-Called House Of COVID19

The Game of Coronavirus

Mysterious lab of Wuhan: The Lab became the first victim of the dreaded coronavirus that took the whole world under its control. As the tragedy spread from here to other countries, the role of China began to be questioned. Meanwhile, the most discussed thing was the Wuhan Institute of Virology where more than 1,500 dangerous viruses have been kept.

Research on these viruses takes place here. These include viruses that spread with bats. The thing to note is that corona is also a virus found in bats. In such a situation, a big theory against China has been that Corona actually came out of this bank and so far has killed 95,722 people worldwide.

Mysterious lab of Wuhan: The So-Called House Of COVID19

Mysterious lab of Wuhan
Mysterious lab of Wuhan

Many theory about lab

Scientists believe that the virus originated in humans from animals sold in Wuhan’s market. However, one theory suggests that SARS-CoV-2 was a biological weapon being manufactured at this institute. According to another theory, this virus was somehow leaked from the lab amid research.

Britain is also suspicious

The institute’s director Xi Jengli told the press in February that she vowed her life, saying that the Corona tragedy has no connection to the lab. International experts also do not agree with these allegations.

However, according to the UK newspaper The Mail Online, the UK government is not completely dismissing the suspicion of virus leaks. Meanwhile, some pictures of this lab have come out which show that the researchers working in this lab work here wearing full-body protective suits and head shields.

Research on the most dangerous viruses

It was decided to build the lab in 2002 and 2003 after the SARS tragedy. SARS also killed 775 people worldwide. It took China 15 years to build this French-designed building. It was officially launched on January 5, 2018.

Its special thing is the four-floor lab which has a biosafety level P4. It is the most advanced lab of its kind in China. According to China’s newspaper China Youth Online, the most dangerous viruses can be researched in this lab.

Discovery of virus break

Zhao Peng, who researched bats, told the Xinhua News Agency in 2018, ‘We are proud to say that we are at the forefront of researching immunity mechanisms in bats, in which viruses remain for a long time.

Bats contain viruses but do not have infections. They give humans hope to research how to fight viruses. ‘ According to Beijing News, a team of director Xi discovered in 2018 that bats could spread the coronavirus to humans.

Mysterious lab of Wuhan: The So-Called House Of COVID19

Mysterious lab of Wuhan
Mysterious lab of Wuhan

Safety system not followed?

According to US society expert Richard Ebright, the virus does not appear to have been produced in a lab in China, but it may have been leaked during research. He says that instead of Level 4 security in the lab of China, the research is done along with Level 2 security.

This gives less protection to the people working there. They have expressed suspicion that virus collection, culture, isolation or infection in animals may pose a risk of spreading the virus between the lab worker and then the public.

So leaking is difficult

However, Dr. Koish, Professor of Medicine and International Health at Boston University, dismissed the possibility of leaks. He says that Wuhan’s lab is designed with the highest standards and has the best safety system and works with the highest level of training.

He said that the research faculty working here has taken training in the lab of Texas. So it can be said that Wuhan’s team is as qualified as Texas. So it is very difficult to leak.

Corona: China’s move will save one crore dogs every year, the Animal Rights Group applauds the Consumption of wild animals is also said to be the main cause of the outbreak of the coronavirus and a wide variety of animals and birds are eaten in China, including bats, pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, dogs and cats.

Scared of Corona, China has now excluded dogs and cats from the list of cattle and has introduced a law granting them Companion (companion) animal status, which is being praised by organizations working for animal rights. He believes that this will stop the trade of dog meat in China and it is estimated that one crore dog will be saved every year.

Mysterious lab of Wuhan

Mysterious lab of Wuhan
Mysterious lab of Wuhan

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released a list of animals whose meats can be sold in the country. Pigs, cows, chickens and sheep are in this list, but the dog and cat are excluded from it. China prohibited the eating of wild animals in recent weeks.

The government had attributed this to diseases spread from animals to humans. In fact, animal trafficking was said to be the root of the Novel Coronavirus and initially it was reported that the corona spread from Wuhan’s cattle market which has so far claimed more than 88 thousand lives worldwide.

Such steps were taken even after SARS
Similar steps were taken after the 2003 SARS virus infection, but it seems that these steps are being taken more seriously this time. The southern city of Schengen has completely banned meat of wild animals including dogs and cats, which has also been appreciated by the anime right.

Human Society International said on Thursday that the latest document shows that China is thinking of ending the dog and cat meat trade. It said, ‘This came after the ban on dog and cat meats in Schengen. It is greatly appreciated.

The institution said, “This is the first time the Chinese government has explained why dogs have been removed from the official animal list, they are animals and animals and not eaters.”

It is estimated that in this country one crore dog meat is sold in a year. Thousands of dogs are killed every year during festivals in the city of Yulin in Gwakji province.

Mysterious lab of Wuhan

Mysterious lab of Wuhan
Mysterious lab of Wuhan

Freedom after 76 days ‘imprisonment’ in Wuhan, woman orders 76 dish to eat People are now breathing in the open air after the 76-day lockdown in Wuhan, a stronghold of the Coronavirus ended. Celebration in Wuhan city is that people are visiting a large number of friends and fulfilling their wishes. After getting liberated after being in Corona ‘captivity’ for so long, a woman who was fond of food ordered 76 ways of breakfast at one go.

The eating order of the woman has now become a topic of discussion on social media. The woman, who stayed away from eating her favorite food for a long time, ordered 76 types of dishes. In fact, the woman missed 76 breakfast in 76 days of quarantine.

As soon as the lockdown was removed, he completed his wish. The ban has now been lifted in Wuhan and the people of this city with a population of more than one crore have been allowed to move anywhere.

First-order placed at 6.33 am
The woman’s order was carried by a delivery boy hanging on a wooden stick to the woman’s house. The female customer was so keen to eat that she delivered the first order to Delivery Boy Fu at 6.33 am after the lockdown was lifted in Wuhan. The woman said that she had been in lockdown for 76 days and was ordering 76 ways of breakfast.

Since the lockdown had only ended a few hours, it took Fu more than an hour to complete the order. The woman told the media, ‘I had not eaten goo for two months. I am very happy that the lockdown has been lifted.

Actually, Goo Go is a local idiom called breakfast. Wuhan is famous for its different ways of eating. The female client shared the joy with other family members and gave them breakfast.

COVID-19 Big decision of Supreme Court: Hospitals or private lab, to be considered for free coronavirus treatment

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