Entertainment - TV Serial - Naagin 4, 8 August Episode Written Updates: What to Expect From Final Episode?

Naagin 4, 8 August Episode Written Updates: What to Expect From Final Episode?

Naagin 4 featuring Nia Sharma, Vijayendra Kumeria, Rashmi Desai, and others is going to air its final episode today i.e. on August 8, 2020. The makers will be coming with the 5th edition of the show which will air from August 9. However, the finale episode of Naagin 4 will be full of drama along with twists and turns.

In the last episode we have seen that despite Shalaka trying to make Brinda forget everything, Brinda remembers everything and seeks revenge from Dev and his family. She reveals the truth to Dev that her family has killed her family and reveals her true form to her. Dev fights with her to save his family and warns her to reveal her truth to everyone. He somehow escapes but stops due to the ongoing function of Hardik’s marriage at home.

Naagin 4 Grand Finale Episode Written Update

In today’s i.e. the finale episode of Naagin 4, we will get to see the secrets of every character to be revealed. All the suspense throughout the season will get revealed today. As the promo revealed, Brinda will be there in the dress of the bride which means she will take place of the bride and will kill everyone in the Parikh family seeking her revenge to know the secret of the Mandir.

There will be action as the naagins will be fighting to fulfill their motives. Shalaka who is also Nayantara will be joined by Vishakha to team up against Brinda. We have seen in Naagin 3 that Vishakha was also behind the Naagmani. As Brinda will be fighting alone to save the Naagmani, the Mahanagrani Bela will return back to accompany her to save the Naagmani and confront Vishaka to know her true intentions.

Naagin 4 8th August Episode Written Updates

Apart from this, the makers are also going to lure the audience through a dance sequence. Yes, you will witness the Tandav by all the naagins including Brinda, Shesha, Bela, and Sarvashestha Naagin (Hina Khan) to get the naagmani back. The dance by the 4 beauties will definitely be a treat to watch.

Brinda will be successful in saving the Naagmani along with the help of Bela and Sarvashestha Naagin. We will also see the romance between Dev and Brinda as all the misunderstandings will get cleared.

Naagin 5 to premiere on Aug 9 as Naagin 4 wraps up on Aug 8

After the wrap up of Naagin 4, the new season of the franchise, Naagin 5 will commence from tomorrow featuring Hina Khan as Bhoomi, the Sarvashestha Naagin. To activate her powers, she will visit back her past and will be joined by Dheeraj Dhoopar, Mohit Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna

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