Naagin Season 4 27 July 2020 Written Episode Update; Watch Online Updates & Spoilers

Naagin Season 4 27 July 2020 Written Episode

Naagin Season 4 27 July 2020: The episode of 26th July 2020 begins with Shakala showing an evil magic bottle to Vrushali, Rasik, and Ketki while telling them the bottle can be used by her to hypnotize Dev and make him speak what she wants. She further revealed that she has stolen a part of Dev’s soul and will have the full soul of Dev after four attempts. Vrushali says nothing shall happen to Dev to which Shalaka says nothing at all and she will kill Brinda instead.

Naagin Season 4 27 July 2020

Hardik, lily, and Manas are discussing the wedding plans while Dev feels pain in his head and he thinks about Brinda while telling Lily that he wants to start afresh. Lily says that she will help them to unite. Brinda listens and gets assured that it’s her Dev only. She comes in and asks Hardik to try clothes.

While sitting beside Dev, Brinda gets pushed by Shalaka who in turn sits beside Dev. Shalaka gets tensed to see Dev’s eyes turn red while Lily calling his name. Shalaka tells her that they are discussing something and will dance on SRK’s songs. She then asks Dev to got to the room to sleep. Brinda runs from behind and comes to him. His eyes were red but as soon as he turned they become normal.

Naagin Season 4 27 July 2020 Written Episode

Shalaka goes upstairs and barges into Vrushali. Dev and Brinda start dancing while Shalaka is watching them. However, her magic doesn’t work. Vrushali and Shalakha are shocked that hypnosis doesn’t work on Dev. Shalakha uses the magic ring to learn about what’s happening in Dev’s room which shows them Brinda getting ready and calling Dev which makes Shalaka angry.

Brinda asks Shalaka to leave. Hypnotized by Shalaka, Dev berates Brinda by saying that he has feelings for Brinda. Meanwhile, Swara comes and checks Dev’s jacket and finds the stone. While checking it, the stone changes its color and she gets assured that someone is taking out Dev’s soul which in turn will make him a devil. She decides to inform Brinda.

Shalakha reveals her whole plan to Swara that two more attempts and Naagmani will be her. Swara runs after hearing this while Shalaka asks the bubble to bring her back but it failed due to Om pendant in her neck. Shalaka decides to kill Swara before she tells everything to Brinda. Swara is heading towards Laal Tekdi Mandir while calling Brinda who isn’t receiving her call.

Vrushali gets shocked to hear Brinda and Dev’s conversation regarding Shalaka doing some evil magic on him. Brinda asks Dev to enquire about Shalaka’s family to which Dev tells her that Maa knows the family very well.  Meanwhile, Vrushali thinks about how to take Devout.

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