Naagin Season 4 Today’s 2 August 2020 Written Updates Episode Watch Online: Dev Kills Swara

The last episode of Naagin 4 beings with Swara running to Laal Tekdi while calling out Pandit Ji. She is being followed by Shalaka. She gets shocked to see everything mess there while Shalaka asks her to accept her defeat, however, Swara manages to escape.

On the other hand, Brinda enquires Dev if he knows that they weren’t rich originally. Dev tells her that he just knows that his family worked for a family who died in an accident. Brinda tries to tell him that his family was involved in the murder of that original rich family.

Naagin Season 4 2 August 2020 Written Updates Episode

Meanwhile, Vrushali overhears their conversation and gets suspicious against Brinda. She acts to fall down and shouts to distract them. While all come running to her, Brinda realizes that it was only a trick to distract them.

Dev leaves to call the doctor, while Brinda confronts both Ketki and Vrushali, revealing that she is Manyata’s daughter. The revelation shocked both.

On the other hand, Swara is being chased by Shalakha who also threatens her to kill her and her daughter. Shalakha was then called by Vrushali to be back at home as Brinda can’t be handled lone by her.

Meanwhile, Hardik and Milly interrupt Brinda by asking about Haldi, while she was about to reveal Vrushali’s truth to Dev. Brinda tells that Vrusahli might have brought Haldi, however, Ketki interrupts her and asks Dev to get it.

Naagin Season 4 Today’s Written Updates Episode

Brinda then realizes that everything is being done to keep Dev away from her so that she can’t reveal the truth to him. Brinda accompanies Dev by saying that she is his wife and will go with her, while Shalaka says the same which leads to an argument between the two.

Brinda tells that Dev wants to divorce Shalaka and asks to sign the divorce papers while the latter refuses. While Brinda asks Lily to get the papers from the room, Shalaka bends to grab her phone and control Dev via using vial. Dev goes with Shalaka which shocked Brinda.

Meanwhile, Swara frees herself and calls Brinda to come to Laal Tekdi Mandir. She reaches the temple and searches for her, while Shalaka also brings Dev there and gets to know that Swara has gone.

Naagin Season 4 Final Episode Written Updates

Meanwhile, Swara sees Brinda’s picture in the book accompanied by a caption that reads that ‘Brinda will open the secret of Laal Tekdi temple along with her husband, but if her husband’s soul is taken out, then he can kill anyone.’

Swara reaches back home, hoping that no black magic can find her. Brinda reaches Dev who has been hypnotized by Shalaka and takes him back home.

Upon reaching home, Dev shoots Swara. Shalaka appears saying that it’s she who asked Dev to kill Swara. Brinda cries upon knowing that her mother is dead and thinks that she has been killed by Dev.

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