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Nagaland State Lottery Dear Flamingo:  Here you all can check the Nagaland state lottery dear flamingo evening Monday weekly lottery, Nagaland State is the state in northeast India where the lottery is sold the most. For this reason, tickets to the Nagaland State Lottery are bought more from India. The result of the Nagaland state lottery can be seen daily in the Sambad Lottery newspaper. 

Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland stretches to Assam in the west, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam in the north, Myanmar in the east, and Manipur in the south. The capital of Nagaland is Kohima, which is quite famous. The largest city in Nagaland is Dimapur. It is one of the smallest states in India, according to the 2011 census.

After the state of Nagaland started the lottery, after that, another 12 states supported the lottery. These 12 personalities and residents of the state of Nagaland can buy tickets of any state among themselves. The state is mostly hilly, except for the Assam Valley, which is 9%. Here, the residents of Nagaland are more interested in the lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery Dear Flamingo 13-7-2020 Result

The Sambad lottery holds a lottery with different names three times a day. In which three people become millionaires every day. The base price for this Sambad lottery ticket is 11 rupees. Everyone can buy and kindle their Luck. In the Sambad lottery, the results are published every morning at 11.55, 16.00, and 20.00. In the table below, you can check the prizes for the winners of the Sambad lottery.

1st Prize  Rs- 25.31 Lakh
Cons. Prize Rs-1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Nowadays, everyone wants to start a new business to make money. But they lack capital. You can try your Luck by investing a little money in the Assam state lottery. You all know that the Samabd Game lottery is acknowledged in India, you can buy a lottery ticket for only 7 rupees, and you can see it by visiting the daily lottery result here. 

Nagaland State Lottery Evening 8 PM Dear Flamingo Result

In the Sambad lottery, the first winner receives about 25 lakh of rupees. After winning this Sambad lottery, you can easily manage your family doing business or a fixed deposit in everyday life. However, the second winner of the Sambad lottery also receives 9,000 rupees. If your Luck is with you, then you can become a millionaire.

The lottery is organized by the government of the state, which has given such authorized agreement. Or that state gets local subdivisions. Lottery Sambad in Brazil was started in 1184, the name of the city is Villa Rica, and it is the capital of Minas Gerais. 

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 8 PM 13.7.2020

After this initiative, there was a lot of interest in the people, and within a short time, people bought tickets with some nominal amount and made it famous. Seeing the excitement of the lottery of this growing people, the Government of Brazil created Act (Qaeda) for the lottery on 31 April 1244. So that people can trust it.

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