Entertainment - Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men” release date, cast, and more details:

Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men” release date, cast, and more details:

Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men”

Sudhir Mishra directs the movie “Serious men,” and it is all set to release on Netflix. The film will revolve around the genre of an emotional journey of a father and a son. Serious Men is based on Manu Joseph’s novel, which is based on the same name. The film is a gut-wrenching story that will hit some spot in your heart. The star cast of the film will no doubt bring some stellar performances on the screens. So let us get to know more in detail about “Serious Men.”

When will Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men” release?

Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men” is an adaptation from a novel. The novel is written by Manu Joseph, which is based on the same name. The movie’s story is gutting as it deals with the story of a father and his son. “Serious Men” will release on the 2nd of October 2020 on Netflix. Nawazuddin Siddique has posted on his Twitter handle about the movie “Serious Men.” He wrote in his Twitter handle by saying, “Finding fame is easy, but staying famous? That’s where things get tricky. Watch a slum dweller rags to riches story while he lays what’s most important on the line. #serious men coming soon.”

Serious Men cast:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Indira Tiwari
Aakshath Das
Sanjay Narvekar
Shweta Basu Prasad

Serious Men storyline/ plot:

The main story is about a Slum Dweller who is tormented with his underprivileged status. He has a boy who is a genius and gains fame. So the father tries to use his son’s newfound fame to improve the fortune of his family. But in doing so, he puts up everything necessary to him on the line. Which destroys everything that he has in life, and thus the story follows.

What are the other movies released recently starring Nawazuddin Siddique?

With Nawazuddin Siddique’s “Serious Men” releasing on Netflix soon, many movies have made the screens. His recent film “Raat Akeli Hai” made it to Netflix’s screens, where he played a cop’s role. He is very popularly known for his role in the Netflix series “Sacred Games” that has been enjoyed by the audience worldwide. Nawazuddin Siddique said in one of his statements that he wishes people shower the same blessings on his character from Serious Men. He said people have loved Ganesh Gaitonde in Sacred Game and hope people love him in Serious Men too.


Nawazuddin Siddique starrer “Serious Men” will release on Netflix on the 2nd of October 2020. The movie will revolve around a slum dweller who tries to make a fortune from the newfound fame. In turn, he destroys everything closer in his life. To learn about the upcoming movies, web series, and news, stay tuned to world wire.

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