An energy-efficiency campaign has been launched by the Alliance to Save Energy, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and NBC Universal’s SCI FI Channel. It offers information on energy-efficiency, both low-tech and high-tech, along with surprising energy facts, along with a national contest for an energy-efficient home that will reach millions of people through air, online, and other media.

It will coincide with the network’s marathon of Eureka programming in July prior to Season Two of the popular series. The campaign and contest website will be launched June 26 at www.scifi.com/homemakeover.

Eureka, a picturesque Pacific Northwest town with a great deal of possibilities, has been relocating the world’s geniuses and their families since the government began relocating them. This movie is inspired by Eureka’s “Smart House” – a national campaign to improve home energy efficiency.

Energy-efficiency technologies and products that do the work for us can help us to make our homes ‘smarter’ – reducing monthly energy bills, energy waste, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously.”

In addition to U.S. Department of Energy, American Gas Association, Consumer Electronics Association, Whirlpool Corporation, OSRAM Sylvania, The Dow Chemical Company, and CMC Energy Services, other partners in this national media partnership include U.S. Department of Energy, American Gas Association, Consumer Electronics Association.

Grand prize winners will be eligible for energy-efficiency improvements up to $25,000, based on a home energy audit:

  • CMC Energy Services conducts an energy audit for the purpose of identifying energy problems and proposing ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency;

  • Kitchen and laundry appliances ENERGY STAR-qualified by Whirlpool;

  • The Consumer Electronics Association and its members are interested in computer and energy-efficient electronics, as well as the wiring of the home;

  • LEDs by OSRAM Sylvania that are energy-efficient;

  • By Dow Chemical Company, all air leaks will be sealed;

  • The winner will receive a variety of items including an optimal amount of insulation for the climate in which they live, a programmable thermostat, a low-flow shower head, faucet aerators, a ventilator fan, and much more.

There are a few energy-related questions about homes, as well as a brief essay about the contestants’ deservingness of a home makeover. In addition to submitting an entry, they are encouraged to take the 6° Challenge by taking at least one tangible energy-efficiency action and inspiring others to do the same by visiting the 6° of Energy Efficiency Challenge website www.sixdegreechallenge.org and “Test Their Energy IQ.” In collaboration with over 30 nonprofit and commercial partners, the Alliance developed last year the 6° Challenge interactive social website, and SCI FI Channel has become a partner.

Last year, the Alliance had partnered with SCI FI on Visions for Tomorrow, a public affairs campaign centered on energy, and the Alliance’s award-winning Super Powers TV PSAs, which feature super heroes and encourage viewers to become energy-saving super heroes. As a result of the new energy efficiency campaign and home makeover contest, the partnership has been extended and expanded.

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