Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special Leaked Online? Check Plot, Cast, Watch Online All Episodes!

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special Leaked Online? Check Plot, Cast, Watch Online All Episodes: A few of you might actually believe that friendships are the sole foundations of any romantic relationships, every successful one might start with a platonic relationship at first. But, a few of you might belong to the other side of the boat. Well, thankfully to take this argument to the next level and add many more levels of drama to it.

Zee5 has come up with the second season of sorts, or rather, a lockdown edition of its ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ series. This beautiful storyline was touted by many fans and critics globally and the narrative is quite aesthetically woven together. The web series ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ revolves around two best friends Sumer and Tanie and how there’s a sudden upheaval of emotions entangled and how astoundingly their relationship dynamics have changed. Haven’t stumbled upon this amazing series yet? Don’t worry, read on we’ve got you covered! 

Never kiss your best friend Plot

Nakuul Mehta as Sumer and Anya Singh as Tanie have done a formidable job to grab the attention of fans and critics all over. This storyline basically revolves around their friendship which gradually changed to love. 

Written on the ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ by Sumrit Shahi, this one definitely will make a place in the hearts of millennials around the globe! 

Sumer and Tanie, former best friends, run into each other after 5 years of separation. The shadow of their past is still reminiscent, especially the reason why they parted away still haunts them, yet they cannot resist each other. There’s a really weird introduction at first but despite that, they come to the realization after diving into their past that they bonded very deeply.

Now, as they reconnect in the present, the past friendship behinds to mold into a present love. Now, the question remains, will they be able to manage their relationship dynamics? Apart from this, it also revolves around peer pressure, homophobia, constant jealousy, etc, which gives it a ting of darkness. 

The season 2 includes yet another twist in the tale with the narrative shifted to another character played by Zain Imam alongside Anya. This definitely means they are going to figure out their dynamics or is it going to be a love triangle? Well, to know more  you will have to read on because Zee5 has come up with a release date! 

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special 

Wonderful news for all you ardent fans constantly waiting to feel a roller coaster ride of emotions again, Zee5 has decided to come up with its lockdown special episode of Never kiss your best friend. Earlier, it was set to come out in April but because of the pandemic, the new Release Date is 18th of June 2020! 

As Zain Imam rightly said in a recent interview that during this lockdown, a lot of us have reconnected with our long lost friends and exes for sure! So if you wanna relive those nostalgic moments and feel happy that you were a part of it, this one’s a definite watch!

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