New Book Reveals Financial, Ecological And Emotional Value Of Green Living

Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.’s book Sustainability: A Personal Journey to a Built Sustainable Community…and an Amazing Picture of What Life Will Soon Be Like, provides advice on how to live sustainably and why it’s important. In addition to attempting to forecast potential future world changes, he works to demonstrate ways to slow down the depletion of the planet’s natural resources. By demonstrating how sustainability has been implemented in a real housing complex, Rose believes that Sustainability can allay worries associated with relying on Earth’s natural resources.

Because it is based on actual experience building “Net Zero” sustainable dwelling, the book is unique, according to Rose. “Additionally, I believe it draws from a wider body of research than previous works. I want to go farther with sustainability issues.”

Together with his business partner, Rose has constructed a tiny sustainable neighbourhood of houses that are planned to supply all of the necessary power, water, heating, cooling, and enhanced air quality using only natural resources found on the home site. The use of resources that do not deplete or destroy the earth’s resources, in Rose’s opinion, is another advantage of the dwellings. Through the example of the housing project, sustainability tries to explain an environmentally friendly way of living and aims to demonstrate the financial advantages that come with lower utility costs.

Providing a realistic, useful, and upbeat image of what we can do to survive the impending shift and achieve a beautiful new way of life is Rose’s aim in creating this, she adds.

Online at and other wholesale and retail channels worldwide, Sustainability: A Personal Journey to a Built Sustainable Community…and an Amazing Picture of What Life Will Soon Look Like, is for sale.

Author Information Registered architect Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D., holds degrees in both architecture and structural engineering as well as a doctorate in organisation development. For many years, Rose has worked both globally as an architect, engineer, and environmental scientist’s consultant and as a professor. Additionally, he has written books and articles, spoken at three international sustainability conferences, and given talks on the Garden Atriums project.

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