How to Get Oakley Military Discount – Get Up To 50% Off

How to Get Oakley Military Discount - Get Up To 50% Off

Want to know about Oakley Military Discount? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

Oakley is a high-quality sports, eyewear, and lifestyle items provider that established itself in 1975. Their innovative designs of sport performance pieces have placed them as the leading name in the design and sports performance industry. However, they are famously known for their eyewear. Oakley is constantly working on improving their items most innovatively, and one successful innovation is PRIZMTM. It enhances the views when the wearer wears it, adding color and contrast to what they see.

In the article, we have an in-depth insight into this military discount, the eligibility criteria, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What is Oakley Military Discount?

What is Oakley Military Discount

Oakley is a prominent high-quality eyewear provider. In addition, it is a producer of other items such as sports, clothing, and other lifestyle items. Oakley is mostly famous for their innovative foundation and is mostly known for their constant innovation giving them over 850 patents.

Oakley focuses on bringing out the items required for the customers, and currently, they are set in 81 locations and offer unique gear to shoppers who do in-store shopping.

To thank those who serve the country, Oakley offers a specific military discount. This unique program for military personnel is known as the “Oakley Standard Issue.” This discount allows military members to purchase items for personal use at a discount of up to 50% of their listed initial prices.

How to get Oakley Military Discount?

Note that the Oakley military discount is given in the form of an Oakley Standard Issue.

To avail of the discount, you have to follow the listed steps –

  • Log in to the Oakley website at

Log in to the Oakley website

  • Select the category according to your eligibility.
  • As you have selected the category, you will be redirected to, where you will have to verify your military status.
  • To verify, create an account and upload your military ID copy.
  • Return to the website to find the details to get your military discount.

After you have completed all the steps, you will be able to access the deals on the membership.

Does Oakley Offers Veteran Discount?

Oakley offers high-quality products through membership for veterans, active duty military, and government personnel.

This membership offer is dedicated to the following –

  • Government Tactical
  • First responders include EMS, Firefighters, and Federal and Local Law Enforcement
  • US military – Veterans, Active, Reservist, and Retiree

What is the official Oakley Military Discount?

Officially, the Oakley military discount is not offered on their site, not in the traditional sense. However, it is even better than the normal military discount and is called an Oakley Standard Issue or SI.

Military members and first responders can avail of this membership, and they offer a 50% discount on all the listed prices. In addition, it offers discounts on eyeglasses, backpacks, bags, etc. The company has built a solid relationship with the Military in the United States since they have collaborated with them since its existence. Since the 1980s, Oakley has been working with the military to offer high-quality, comfortable, and safe items to military service members.

Oakley is trusted because they focus on innovative product development and stick to bringing out amazing results. The Oakley Standard Issue Program has various benefits since it offers deals and discounts and provides access to exclusive products.

Military members can purchase military-grade eye protection and uniform-approved products. They offer Thin Red Line and Thin Blue Line within their special collection. Other special offers include Military Prizm lenses which provide high-quality vision to military members. These glasses are designed innovatively, including famous color and contrast booting lenses that come in military-friendly designs.

Thus, with Oakley Standard Issue membership, military members can get high-qualified uniform-approved items for personal use ranging from eyewear and equipment to clothing and accessories and other such items, at a great discount.

Who Can Claim This Discount?

Who Can Claim This Discount

The Oakley military discount in the form of Standard Issue Membership is available to active members of the United States Military. The military members include Reserves, National Guard, and Active Duty members, and can also be availed by all retired servicemen, women, and veterans.

The Oakley military discount is not restricted to military members only but can also be availed by EMS, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and first responders.

How can the Oakley Standard Issue program be accessed?

One can access the Oakley Standard Issue on their website only.

For that, you can follow the listed steps below –

  • Log in to the Oakley website
  • Select the category that fits your eligibility.
  • Once you have selected your category, they will redirect you to is a third-party verification service that will verify your military status. It verifies the military status of many companies online.
  • To verify your status, you must create an account to upload a copy of your military ID.
  • Once sign-up is completed for, and you have uploaded your military ID copy, return to the Oakley Standard Issue website.
  • At this point, when you log in to the site, your information will be present, and you will be authorized to access the deals on the Oakley website.

Remember that the military status details are kept only for a period of 12 months since the membership can be availed for 12 months once the military status is verified. After the period ends, you must re-verify your status through the account. If you need help logging in to the membership account, contact their customer representatives at 1-800-525-4334.

Oakley Military Discount At Sportrx

Military members can avail of the Oakley military discount through SportRx as well. To get the discount, you can live chat with the SportRx optician to learn about the military discount.

With SportRx, you will be risk-free while you try on Oakley eyewear. Besides, if your new purchase does not seem to satisfy you, you can also call SportRx within 45 days of your purchase receipt. They can easily process an exchange return or remake your eyewear without requiring you to pay shipping or restocking fees. This offer also applies to prescription orders.

What Are The Restrictions for Oakley Military Discount?

Oakley imposes some restrictions on military members with Oakley military discounts.

  • Only the service members can use the deals – The first restriction is that the discount is given only to the service member, specifically to the ones who have created the account. The account cannot be used by their family members or friends. The person who has a verified account can only get the discount.
  • The products are not fit for resale – The products you buy from the website cannot be resold. The website keeps the price low only for military members. So, one cannot resale it to make a profit.
  • Other restrictions – The number of items one can buy is also limited. That means certain items cannot be purchased using the Oakley military discount, including 200 item Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories limit and a 20-item optics limit.

However, there is no clear information if the restrictions are applied only to dishonorably discharged military members. However, one can always ring up the company to learn.


How Can I Sign Up For Oakley Standard Issue Membership?

You can visit Oakley’s official website and sign up for the Standard Issue membership. You will be asked to verify your account using the website.

What might Oakley accept to verify the Military Status?

A military member may upload any of these documents, which include a military ID, .mil email address, DD214, and USAA membership card.


Oakley is an innovative company that has honored military members since its existence and has been offering the Oakley military discount for their service. This discount is an excellent benefit to military members since they offer up to a 50% discount on their originally listed price. Additionally, you can check out their Oakley Standard Issue for the best deals on eyewear, equipment, and other such items.

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